In addition to the 12 principal acupuncture meridians that flow along the surface of the physique, there are also deeper channels of power in the physique referred to as the Extraordinary Vessels. You can realize the connection among the main acupuncture channels and the Extraordinary Vessels by considering about what occurs when it rains: initially, modest ditches turn into complete – these are the collateral vessels that break off of the 12 principal channels. Subsequent, the reservoirs turn into complete, which are the 12 main channels. When they are complete, they overflow into the Extraordinary Vessels, which are deep and vast lakes of power inside the physique.

The Dai Mai, or Girdle Vessel, is one particular such Extraordinary Vessel. It is one of a kind since it is the only channel – main or extraordinary – that flows horizontally. The Dai Mai originates at a liver meridian point on the lateral ribs, descends to the waist line and then encircles the waist like a belt. In the back, it connects with a side branch of the kidney meridian.

The Dai Mai divides the physique into two halves, and it has the crucial function of maintaining power flowing successfully among these two halves. If the Du Mai is also tight, then power cannot flow correctly, causing discomfort, sluggishness or a feeling of heaviness by means of the complete physique. It can also reduce off power circulation to the legs, causing discomfort, cold legs and tense outer leg muscle tissues.

If the Dai Mai is slack or weak, then power cannot rise correctly, which can lead to quite a few distinctive overall health complications. When the Dai Mai is also weak or loose, fluids and dampness can pool in the Reduce Burner, causing symptoms such as hard urination, cloudy urine and excessive vaginal discharge. A weak Dai Mai also indicates power cannot flow correctly into the channels of the legs, top to muscle weakness and atrophy. When the Dai Mai is weak, it cannot adequately hold the kidney’s essence, which depletes quite a few other Extraordinary Vessels. When the Dai Mai is slack, power can’t rise by means of the physique, top to such complications as hernias, organ prolapse and recurrent miscarriages.

The Dai Mai is closely connected to the liver and gallbladder power systems, primarily based on its trajectory and what points it overlaps with. It assists to regulate excessive power in these systems. This tends to make it beneficial for treating symptoms such as temporal headaches, migraines, anger, gallbladder discomfort and chronic neck and shoulder tension.

Primarily based on its pathway, the Dai Mai can also be utilised to successfully treat abdominal discomfort, low back discomfort and hip discomfort. It can be treated with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, tai chi, qi gong and quite a few other types of exercising.