Empathic Healer Crystals – Genuine Qualities or a Clever Advertising and marketing Ploy?



I’ve just had a tutorial with one particular of my students and she asked me what I believed of Empathic Warrior Crystals, which was a term I hadn’t come across prior to.


Hunting on the web the label ‘Empathic Warrior Crystal’ seems to be applied to crystals which have been broken, particularly man-produced harm and these chipped at the tip. Reading about some of the sellers’ extraordinary metaphysical claims for these crystals on Amazon my very first believed was, “Is this a clever way to offload a broken shipment of crystals?” My second thoughts were, “Yes but some of the loveliest crystals you personal do have flaws and you teach that crystals with internal flaws can mirror our personal development via adversity. These broken crystals might be akin to the Wounded Healer archetype in humans.”


Obtaining provided the matter some consideration here is my personal opinion on Empathic Warrior Crystals:


Every crystal is an person. In the similar way that a shocking occasion can trigger some individuals to develop in resilience and individual power and other folks to crumple and withdraw, damage to quartz might be transformatory for the crystal and modify its ‘personality’. Some might come to be additional characterful, additional potent, whereas some might just really feel sad and shocked and be in dire have to have of healing. It does not make sense to call every piece of damaged quartz an ‘Empathic Warrior’ any additional than you can call everyone who has been abused a ‘Wounded Healer’, nevertheless some pieces may deserve the name.


I recommended to my student that if she was attracted to one particular of these crystals she could tune into the image and intuit irrespective of whether it was the correct crystal for her. We had a chat about what to do with damaged crystals. This topic is in particular relevant for me as I have discovered some gorgeous nearby Welsh quartz pieces, largely double terminated grey-tinted milky quartz, which have been broken to varying degrees in the procedure of quarrying and need some TLC. I have placed these pieces outside in the components to rest and recuperate. I have some about the base of a tree, other folks just resting exposed to Sun, Moon, Stars and rain (lots of rain!) and some are becoming bathed in a choice of two essence blends. Perhaps I will have a complete army of Empathic Warriors when they’ve healed! 


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