Temple visits Gopuradarisanam


Shri Chithragupthar Swamy seated in the temple which is situated in the centre of Kanchipuram close to the bus stand.

Place :

This is the only temple for Lord Chitraguptar and situated in Kanchipuram. This is close to 75 KMs from Chennai and will take close to 1.five – two hrs of drive either by automobile of public transportation. Temple is situated really close to bus-stand and any men and women close to the bus-stand can guide us to attain the temple.

Temple has a major deity as Lord Chitraguptar with his wife and poojas and archanas are accomplished to the major deity. Temple also has a urchavar of Lord Chitraguptar with his wife and will utilized for other poojas

Temple is also primarily referred as Lord Ketu Parikara Sthalam

Address :

Arulmigu Lord Chitraguptar Swamy Temple 
No 74, Nellukara street, 
Kanchipuram – two, 
Tamil Nadu, 

Temple timings:

Temple is open among 7 AM to 12 PM in the morning and four PM – eight.30 PM in the evening.

Sthala History :

‘Chith’ suggests inner conscience. ‘Aptham’ suggests hidden conscience. What ever we hold back in our conscience is brought out by Shri Chithragupta and plans the life of a particular person. Therefore the name Chithragutha.

Obtaining to account the sins and goodness of crores of men and women Lord Yama Dharma felt it challenging carrying out it all alone so he prayed to God Shiva to give him an assistant. Promptly Lord Shiva instructed Brahma to give an assistant to Lord Yama. Brahma knew that this is attainable only by Sun God(Surya Devan).
Chitragupatar was the son of Lord Sun and Beeladevi. He was born with a book in his left hand and a writing nail in the appropriate. Given that Chitraguptar was born of a rainbow, men and women workship with delivering multi-colour clothing.

Chitraguptar was born throughout the month of Chithirai. (tamil month)
Chithraguptar performed penance and prayed to Lord Shiva and in turn he received intelligence and all brilliance.
‘Sun God’ sent Chithraguptar to be accountable and aid Lord Yama.
Chithraguptar who went along with his wives to Yama’s planet is nonetheless accounting the goodness and evil activities of mankind from then on.

In 1907 when temple renovation was accomplished below the earth a statue was located that of Chithraguptar with his wife. The period of the statue is not identified. That statue is kept in the major sanctum.


There are shops outdoors temple who are promoting the pooja things. Principal offerings accomplished right here is lighting the 7 lamps with Ghee. This is also accomplished in a unique way. We require to spot the horse gram on the floor and spread it , above which we require to spot the the seven lamps and then light it. The lamps can be putting by facing any of the 4 directions but all the lamps need to face in one particular path. The cause for carrying out is will aid to extend the life span and lead a superior life.

Unique days:

On Chithra Pournami (complete moon day of the Chithrai month) unique pooja and the marriage celebrations of Chithraguptar requires spot and meals is sponsored.

Off the nine planets Kethu’s Lord is Chithraguptar. Therefore any providing produced to Chithraguptar will relieve us from all trial and tribulation of Kethu planet.
The providing comprises of cereals, seven lamps, and multicolour clothing. Added to this an abhisheka is accomplished.
Most importantly there is only one particular temple for Chithraguptar and that as well in Kanchipuram.


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