Jenny Dent’s Spiritual Blog: Christmas Gifts


Christmas Day draws really close, we are constantly reminded of the material
aspect of the celebration in our world today. Our shops and on-line stores are
full of potential gifts and pressure to buy so our families and friends feel
truly cared for by an extra special token of our love. It can be very stressful
and some people opt out altogether. Others make a charity donation instead of
presents. This is a lovely thing to do, of course, for this is a time of year
to remember those who have little or are in great need for whatever reason.
However, the giving of an actual present is very meaningful too, and it doesn’t
have to be an expensive gift. As the saying goes, ‘It is the thought which counts!’


love the symbolism of the Wise Men following the Star to the simple little
stable in Bethlehem where Jesus was born (as the Bible story goes). They
brought with them three gifts, which each have an inner meaning for us all.
They are gifts from heaven for every human soul of every country and every
religion. They are gifts to be truly treasured and will last our whole life
through. White Eagle has given beautiful teaching about the inner meaning of
each aspect of the traditional story of Christmas, including the gifts of the
wise men. He tells us that gold symbolises the love of God which is always with
us. Frankincense is the angelic help, the sweetness and wisdom of heaven which
flows freely upon us (like incense) if only we can open ourselves to be aware
of it. And myrrh is symbolic of the difficulties of physical life (the
suffering and pain) which bring the hidden blessings—the rose blooming on our

I pray that this Christmas time the Christmas rose will bloom for you, no
matter what is happening in your outer life and that the magic of the light
will touch your heart and help you feel your loved ones who have passed on, are
really close with you.

wish you a heart full of spiritual blessings and joy on Christmas Day.


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