four Spiritual Posts to Support You Commence 2019 Suitable


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With a new year beginning, I felt like sharing a couple of of my common and essential weblog posts to enable people today commence on a very good spiritual note.

I know lots of people today associate distinct years with spiritual awakening, and under I have a single of my most common weblog posts with my thoughts about what awakening implies in 2019. Moreover, numerous people today usually like to make resolutions for the New Year, so an additional post has thoughts about how to make these resolutions spiritual.

The final two posts give critical tips for letting go of the ego and obtaining spiritual freedom.

I hope they are valuable. Satisfied 2019!

Spiritual Awakening and 2019

Persons like to equate time with awakening, but the awakened space is timeless. Honestly, I consider this is very good news. It implies you never have to be concerned if your possibility to awaken and turn out to be additional conscious has been missed in a preceding year. The present moment is normally right here for you, and you can normally return to that spaciousness to try to remember who and what you definitely are.

For additional thoughts on the timelessness of the awakened space, you can study the under weblog post:

Spiritual Awakening 2019, 2020, 2021, and so on

Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions

Lots of people today make resolutions to drop weight, get in shape, discover a improved job, and so forth. But if you happen to be reading this weblog post, I would guess that you’d also be interested in how to make spiritual resolutions to enable you evolve, heal, and develop on the spiritual path. If you are, really feel absolutely free to verify out the weblog post linked under.

7 Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions for 2019, 2020, and any Year

Acquiring Cost-free of Ego Suffering

There is suffering. But what is suffering? It is not discomfort. Discomfort is aspect of life. Suffering is our response to discomfort and something else our ego does not like.

A individual can stub their toe, and then the individual gets angry. The discomfort of the stubbed toe is aspect of the way the physique communicates with us. The anger is a selection. The ego selection can be changed. Discomfort will continue to be aspect of the body’s communication tools.

In addition, it does not have to be one thing terrible that takes place for a person to endure. A individual can get a spend raise at function. But it wasn’t the quantity the individual wanted to get. So they are angry. A thing that is typically regarded as to be very good is then turned into suffering.

The ego can contort and twist all sorts of issues into factors for you to endure, and if you want to find out how to let go of your ego and get off this crazy train, verify out the under weblog post:

How to Let Go of your Ego

The Path to Spiritual Freedom

Letting go of the ego is aspect of the journey towards spiritual freedom. In freedom, we no longer endure from the ego. We also find out on the spiritual path how to confront and transform some of our deepest and most ingrained biological responses like the sex drive and fight-or-flight. This aspect of transformation is hardly ever a fast path, but the freedom that is realized is exceptionally rewarding.

If you want to know additional about spiritual freedom, study the hyperlink under:

How to Come across Spiritual Freedom


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