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The most awaited occasion of the new year for me, because final couple of years, has been Hindu Literary Festival which comes to a close right now. This year also, it brought me in touch with excellent writers from across the planet. The interaction with humble Markus Zusak – Author of the book ‘The Book Thief’, unassuming and prolific Author Shashi Tharoor – who could create a nicely researched book on British Colonialism, primarily based on his viral video. The  wonderful sessions of a lot of authors and commentators, I attended was totally enlightening. Spending some time with Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks, finding to know her thoughts and suggestions, meeting my old buddy and mentor Timeri N Murari as nicely as some mates from Chennai Blogger’s Club added an added interest to the festival. 
This year’s Festival was also particular as my two very good mates Dr. Chithra Madhavan and Sharon Apparao carried out excellent workshops which have been not only intriguing but  engrossing as nicely.

And as the festival came to an finish, the winners of the Hindu Lit Festival are Chennai Book Lovers… who joined in a extremely Delighted Journey (as the auto at the venue declared) on the day of Hindu New Year Festival – Sankranti which also kick began my personal literary journey with twin city launch of the Hindi translation of my book “Songs of the Mist” – Kuhaase ke Geet at Mumbai (18th Jan) and at Delhi (4th Feb) by my publisher Story Mirror. Hopefully the year 2017 will continue to be on satisfied note, as I start off off on an additional journey to Mumbai University exactly where I am conducting my Workshops on “Writing and Haiku” @ SMYCC…

Kiran Doshi (Pic Curtsy Hindu Lit For Life)
But the genuine winner with a beautiful acceptance speech was Kiran Doshi, who received this years coveted Hindu Prize of Fiction for his book – ‘Jinnah Normally Came to Our House’.

Vivek Shanbhag
The final days of the Hindu Lit Fest was interspersed with a lot of intriguing sessions, starting with Vivek Shanbhag – the Kannada Author, whose mother tongue is truly Konkani, declaring that the initially top quality of a writer is to be courageous. I could relate to personally as nicely as to his quote that… ‘The Word has so a lot of memories’.

The session with Kanhaiya Kumar – a mellowed down iconic JNU Ex-President started with his thoughts on the subject ‘Is India Prepared for Revolution?’

“Overlook revolution, at present we have a crisis of opposition”. He went on to add in his english – hindi mixed speak (for which he apologised to start with)…

“The present circumstance of young generation and education method is such that degree has turn out to be essential, though education is not” – Kanhaiya Kumar

The most awaited session personally for me was of the author of the book “The Book Theif” – Markus Zusak. A extremely humble particular person, who when asked to study couple of lines from his iconic book, not only study as he would normally do but also study it in the way a expert will, which was hilarious.

“Writers adore to be miserable, that is what becoming a writer is all about” – Markus

Markus Zusak

“The very good component of the book is that it develops friendship.” – Markus

This year the Hindu Lit Fest received record footfalls, as Nirmala Lakshmanan (Plan Director and Director of Hindu Group) shared the truth sheet at the starting of the festival that the festival has generated substantial response to start with. It has pre-registered 15K participants on the day a single and I think it was a lot more than that… Right here is a image which endorses the view…

Leaving you with some photographs with some of my mates… from the Hindu Lit Fest.

Hope you have enjoyed the journey with me, signing off 2016 Hindu Lit Festival… Cheers

ॐ नमः शिवाय

Om Namah Shivaya

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