You happen to be Invited to Study With Pastor Craig


We all adore Pastor Craig. He has this quite awesome knack for discovering God’s truth in Scripture and then placing it back to us in words, stories, and ideas that we can turn into life-altering action. Actually although, who else can turn commercials and viral videos into deep and inspiring biblical messages?

So, Pastor Craig was reading Hebrews four when he realized there are 3 repetitive “let us” statements in a matter of only six verses. It is like the writer was attempting to get a point across. Our pastor decided to just sit down and invite us into what he’s understanding. The outcome is the Let Us Bible Strategy and Mini-Series.

Let me place it this way. It is like we’re all invited to go sip coffee in Pastor Craig’s workplace although studying the Bible collectively. If you are tired, burnt out, doubting your faith, or asking yourself how to access God’s presence, Let Us is for you. Let’s do this.

Start off the Let Us Bible Strategy.

Watch the Let Us series.

Here’s element one particular:


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