three Distinct Techniques To Access Your Akashic Records


An Akashic Records Reading is a new sort of reading that is becoming much more common and properly-identified. People today are starting to fully grasp that Previous Lives actually do have an influence on our present lives. By way of Akashic Records operate, we can start to clear karma, enhance our relationships and connect much more deeply with our intuition.

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Do I have to twist myself into a pretzel?

Occasionally, when we begin a new spiritual practice, such as Yoga, there can be worries and issues about what we could require to do to attain our ambitions. With yoga, we could possibly really feel uncomfortable in the spandex and be concerned that we are not very good adequate. Starting a new overall health regime, we could not be searching forward to lots of green drinks. And beginning a new spiritual practice involving our internal planet or intuition, we could wonder if we can even ‘do it’.

The very good news – you have currently accessed your Akashic Records

The very good news when studying about your Akashic Records operate is that there are quite a few diverse methods to access your Akashic Records. In reality, you have possibly been in and out of your Records quite a few occasions with no even realizing it.

This can occur when you…

  • take a look at a spot you look to recognize but do not know why.
  • enjoy generating beaded jewelry but no-a single in your family members likes crafts.
  • meet somebody who appears exceptionally familiar at 1st sight.

All of these occurrences can imply that you are connecting with the information trail that you leave in this life and other lives as you evolve as a soul.

Absolutely everyone has a set of Akashic Records, and you will have popped in and out quite a few occasions as memories or feelings are triggered, even if you are not consciously conscious of it as however.

three methods to consciously access your Akashic Records

  1. Ask for a symbol through meditation.
  2. Study to operate with your Akashic Guides.
  3. Use an Akashic Divination tool.

Subsequent time you meditate or invest some quiet time, just ask your Akashic Guides for a symbol which is meaningful to you to remind you of your Akashic Power. My symbol is the peacock feather.  I enjoy the jewel colors and normally see them when I am reading for clientele. Throughout your meditation, you could even see a place (such as a wonderful spot), that could be a symbol also.

Your Akashic Guides

As opposed to Spirit Guides, your Akashic Guides are much more like information handlers. They are not there for suggestions, nor are they entities who have ever incarnated on Earth. What they do fully grasp, even so, is your frame of reference. So believe of them as your private energetic google window, determine what you want to place in there, and ask.

Use a divination tool?

Divination tools are products such as oracle cards, tarot cards, a crystal or a pendulum or even Runes. Divination tools can take the stress off and quiet the ego due to the fact we have to concentrate on the action and cease pondering about irrespective of whether we are undertaking it correct, or not. I use a pendulum a lot through readings, and I also like the Akashic Tarot Oracle deck.

This is the Akashic Age, get began!

Let me know if you have any results with the above solutions, or if you use diverse solutions to access your Akashic Records.

In service and till subsequent time.


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