The Literature of the Crusades


We do not hear very so significantly about the Crusades currently as we did even two years ago, when their talismanic invocation was an certainly central component of ISIS rituals and propaganda. Nonetheless, the Crusades stay effortlessly 1 of the most extensively distorted and misunderstood components of Eastern Christian and Islamic history. A new paperback edition of a current book sheds much more light on these phenomena: Anthony Bale, ed., The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of the Crusades: Volume 1 (Cambridge University Press, 2019), 302pp.

Right here is what the publisher tells us about this collection:

How have been the Crusades, and the crusaders, narrated, described, and romanticised by the different communities that seasoned or remembered them? This Companion supplies a essential overview of the diverse and multilingual literary output connected with crusading more than the final millennium, from the very first writings which sought to have an understanding of and report on what was taking place, to modern medievalism, in which crusading is a potent image of holy war and jihad. The chapters show the enduring legacy of the crusaders’ imagery, from the chansons de geste to Walter Scott, from Charlemagne to Orlando Bloom. While the crusaders’ hold on Jerusalem was reasonably brief-lived, the want for Jerusalem has had a lengthy afterlife in quite a few cultural contexts and media.


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