The Keystones of Reiki – Intention, Intuition, Integrity


Write-up by Cynthia Stavrou

Intention, intuition, and integrity are the underlying keystones of Reiki.


Intention is when we turn our consideration to channeling Reiki. We set a deliberate intention to commence the power flow. This is needed as we practitioners need to be in a position to do other operate with no automatically facilitating the flow of Reiki. We do not automatically channel Reiki whilst undertaking dishes, shaking hands or petting our animals. We need to communicate to Spirit that we need to access the Life Force Power. This is accomplished by setting a clear intention. One particular can state the intention out loud, or basically in the thoughts.

The Keystones of Reiki


New practitioners usually really feel awkward and unsure of themselves. Most of us spend close consideration to hand positions, whether or not operating on ourselves or other people. But inside a relatively brief time, we all commence to learn the energy of our intuition. Intuition is the most powerful tool we have when we practice Reiki. With expertise, we commence to realize the subtle nuances of the power physique, and intuitively commence to move our hands, letting our inner self guide. After we commence to hone our intuition, and trust it, we can begin to draw conclusions about how we are experiencing the power flow. And these conclusions are employed to support, guide the practitioner additional into the practice of Reiki.


Integrity is essential when practicing Reiki. We need to often set the highest intention, operating to the highest excellent of each the facilitator and the recipient. Working with our intuition to guide us, and then becoming mindful of the language we use, the ideas we make, and the facts we share will need to be sheathed in integrity.

The keystones of intention, intuition, and integrity are present in every single Reiki session, be it in individual or distant healing. Each and every of these keystones is important to the practice of Reiki. Each and every Reiki expertise provides us the chance to be clear about our intention, to practice listening to our intuition and strengthen our faith, and to operate to the highest excellent of all involved.

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