Spread the Fantastic Word: Proverbs 16:three


It is May possibly, and you know what that implies. Summer time getaway from college. YES! It could possibly also imply graduation for some of you — or the youngsters in your life. So, we decided to dedicate all of the Fantastic Word Fridays in May possibly to the graduating class of 2019. (We’re in particular considering about the higher college and college graduates, as they face quite a few course-altering choices ahead.)

What does a grad want? Assistance, of course!

Where’s the very best location to get tips? The Book of Proverbs. All our May possibly scriptures are coming to you from Proverbs (a.k.a. life’s tiny instruction manual).

Our initially choose is Proverbs 16:three. It says, “Commit thy operates unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.”

Numerous young people embarking on adulthood have some type of strategy for their life — some have only a rough sketch, even though other people have a 3D model. Some know what they want to do for a living, even though other people are not so certain. Some want to pursue lofty dreams, even though other people just want to spend the bills. All of these ambitions have merit.

Today’s verse tells us that what ever you determine to do with your life, make certain it aligns with God’s requirements. It implies creating possibilities that enable you to serve God. It may possibly imply asking inquiries like these:

Is this roommate going to be a excellent influence or not?
If I relocate to a distinctive city, will it assist or hinder my capability to perform for God?
Is this course of study grounded in morals and values that God is pleased with?
Will this profession interfere with my capability to serve God or not?
If I marry this individual, will he or she serve God with me?
Does this choice assist me retain God at the center of my life?

Today’s verse says that when we make plans that enable us to serve God, then God will establish these thoughts — and turn them into reality. What an inspiring guarantee!

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