Responding to Sexual Abuse in The Church with Dr. Justin Holcomb – Mere Orthodoxy


Matt and Alastair sit down with Dr. Justin Holcomb to talk about the tricky subject of sexual abuse in the church and how to determine and avert it.


Intro + The constructive elements in evangelicalism’s new discussion surrounding sexual abuse [0:00 – 7:00]

The significance of this conversation and how it assists us refine our theology of forgiveness [7:00 – 14:10]

How our theology can aid us deal with the incorrect we have played in these matters [14:15 – 19:00]

Problems about accusations and keeping a presumption of innocence [19:00 – 29:18]

How our justice is penultimate to God’s justice [29:18 – 33:36]

Policies and procedures and developing a transparent culture [33:36 – 39:20]

How we can address the Gospel to people’s bodies [39:20 – 46:50]


Sources pointed out:

Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing For Victims of Sexual Assault

God Created All of Me: A Book To Assist Young children Guard Their Bodies – Godly Response to Abuse in The Christian Atmosphere

Valued: a conference looking for to mobilize and equip churches and believers to: biblically, wisely, and lovingly realize, avert, determine, and respond to sexual abuse and assault, as Jesus Christ’s Church.

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