Pleased Republic Day!


26th January, Republic Day, is a moment of pride for all Indians. The Constitution of Independent India was formed on this day. A Constitution of any nation constitutes of a set of guidelines primarily based on which functioning, justice, and so on. is carried out.
Flag hoisting ceremonies, parades by the armed forces, as effectively as college kids and other cultural functions are a large component of this celebration. It is also the day to acknowledge the contribution of our freedom fighters. These of who served the nation till their final breath. It is the fruit of their sacrifice that we are all capable to lead a totally free democratic life currently. A excellent salute to them simply because they did not assume about themselves or their family members and aimed to totally free the Nation out of hardships of Foreign rule.
Just like they spent their lives to serve their nation
Let us have a appear at what Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a Spiritual Scientist, says about the service of other individuals. He says, “The objective of the human life is service to other individuals. Service to other individuals indicates that you use your thoughts, your speech and your actions for other individuals.” A single could ask what is to obtain, if he serves other individuals in this way. What will he be left with? For which Param Pujya Dadashri responds, “The deepest science behind this is that when a single utilizes his thoughts, speech and physique for serving other individuals, [you] will have all the things. You will not encounter any obstacles in your life if you support other individuals in any way. Additionally, service to other individuals need to be sincere and performed from the heart only then, it is fruitful. When service to folks is performed without having any expectations of recognition, then it is genuine. Prestige could certainly come, but a single need to not have any expectations and wish for it.”
So, let us come with each other this Republic Day and aim to serve other individuals as substantially as feasible with a pure intent of just serving. Thereby assisting our nation, without having any expectation or wish for recognition or any sort of prestige. 


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