Off to Virginia, North Carolina, and Maine (Ultimately)! – Lifestream


Right after an amazing month at property, I’ll be headed out this week to Virginia and North Carolina.  I so love the individuals I get to meet when I travel and comprehend how valuable it is to get to commit so a lot time with individuals on this remarkable journey of understanding to reside loved, and understanding to let Jesus take shape in them as they engage the planet.

This previous Saturday afternoon, I was in one particular of these conversations in my property with a group of individuals who had previously not met each and every other.  What a joy it is to plumb the depths of so quite a few subjects and difficulties that assist us reside as Jesus’ disciples in the earth!  These are teaching sessions in the ideal sense, not individuals listening to lectures, but taking aspect in a conversation that is as illuminating as it is encouraging, exactly where individuals can speak freely about the inquiries and struggles of their personal journey without having feeling judged.  It was a wealthy and rewarding afternoon to be positive.

This coming weekend I will be in Norfolk, VA, and Richmond, VA.  After that I’m going to uncover my way down to Raleigh to hang out with some individuals I barely got to meet final time I was there. They wanted to know if I’d come back for far more conversations.  I’m excited about that.  If you are in that region and want to join us, please see my Travel Web page for all the speak to particulars. Given that most of our meetings are in properties, I do not publish these addresses on-line. Also it aids for the property owners to know how quite a few individuals are coming. In Raleigh, our open time for other people is Saturday afternoon and evening.

Right after that, I’ll be taking a getaway with my entire loved ones. Sara and I are actually hunting forward to ten days with our children and grandkids.  After that, I’ll turn up in Winthrop, ME in mid-July, exactly where I’ve been asked to anchor a retreat of campers at a Christian campground there.  It’s open to any individual who desires to come for the weekend of July 13-15. I’ll be sharing on Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening, and Sunday morning as nicely as hanging about for conversation all via the day.  You can get far more details on the campground right here. Come join us if you are nearby. I can stay in New England a bit longer, so if something is in your heart that path, please get in touch with me as quickly as attainable.

Right after that, I’m till not particular exactly where the wind will blow. I am taking into consideration possibilities in Kelowna, BC and Calgary, AB.  Hey, I like hanging with Canadians, as well!

I love traveling the way I do. I do not program lengthy in advance, nor do I have to match in a bunch of conferences exactly where I speak at individuals for an hour or so. I get to be with individuals as the Spirit appears to arrange issues and so frequently uncover myself just at the appropriate time with individuals who require what he’s offered me to share.  I am normally amazed at how he instances these issues and let’s us know how to match into his plans. Honestly, it is freaky occasionally.

And for these of you who want to be notified if I’m arranging a trip to your region, you can always sign up for Travel Updates on our e mail list by which includes your name and address. That way you will get an e mail if some thing is coming collectively close to exactly where you reside.


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