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This review was made possible by My Garden Box.  We want to personally thank My Garden Box for sending us one of their Subscription boxes to review for our readers.  All of our opinions are our own.

About My Garden Box

Inspiring & celebrating the gardener within each of us.

At the root of it all, we are plant people. We are 4th generation nursery growers and our love for plants is packaged into every box.

As gardeners, growers, friends, and family, we believe in sharing gardening with everyone willing to dig in the dirt with us.

Each My Garden Box is designed as if we were receiving it ourselves. We know what gardeners love, because we are gardeners.

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What’s Inside

What’s inside the box?

Discover charming seasonal garden collections. 

Includes everything you need to build relaxingrewarding, and enriching garden projects.  With visually illustrated instructions, simple garden care tips, and properly portioned ingredients assembly is fun & easy…offering just the right amount of DIY!

Everything you need

You can expect live plants, cool containers, growing media, and unique accents. The right components properly portioned and the right techniques visually illustrated make it easy for you to experience growing success.  Let us help you grow your green thumb!

And don’t be hampered by the weather! Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, we’ll provide a seasonal garden box experience!

Unboxing Video


This month’s box contained all that we needed to assemble our very own terrarium (plus a delicious Werther’s candy!)

The instructions were concise and easy to follow.  We appreciated the background information on how the concept of a terrarium came into existence.

The first plants added to the terrarium is a Peperomia.

The other 2 plants added to the terrarium are Selaginella.

We added the growstones to the bottom of the terrarium as the first step.  Good drainage is critical to a healthy terrarium.

The next layer above consists of natural moss.  The moss helps to control the moisture inside of the glass container.

We then added a layer of soil on top of the moss for the plants to live in.

We planted the Peperomia first since it was the largest plant to get it positioned safely.

We then positioned the other 2 Selaginella around and filled in the gaps with extra moss to create a moisture barrier between the air and soil.

Our initial watering moistened the soil down to the 1st layer of moss.

Our Thoughts:

Overall, we had a very positive experience with My Garden Box! The box arrived safely (no broken glass yay!). The plants were in good shape and each component was clearly marked. The supplemental reading material was a nice addition as well. There is enough information to have an appreciation for what you’re about to work with while not being so voluminous it’s ignored entirely. It’s been close to a week since we assembled our terrarium and it’s thriving in a north-facing window sill of our home. It requires very little maintenance and has become a welcome addition to our dining area. The last pleasing element to this is the cleanup. We have seen boxes that include so much packaging that it’s wasteful (and a pain to dispose of). That’s not the case at all here. Cleanup took maybe 2-3 minutes (we assembled it outdoors) and there wasn’t much waste to contend with. Again, we had a great experience with My Garden Box. If there’s someone in your life that you have trouble shopping for that has a “green thumb”, consider sending a few their way as a gift or a way to say Thank You!

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