Mantra Written on Paper to See Future in Dream


This Mantra to see the future in dreams that has been described in this post is various from most other Mantras of this sort mainly because this Mantra has to be written on a piece of paper and kept beneath the pillow at evening for dreaming about the events that are going to take place in the future.

The process of employing this Mantra for obtaining Precognitive Dreams has been described beneath.

1] The practitioner has to chant the Mantra provided beneath for 1 Mala or 108 Mantra Chants on either a Tuesday or Sunday in order to be in a position to use it for seeing the future in dreams. Any counting rosary, like a Rudraksha Japa Mala can be employed for this objective.

Mantra Kept under pillow to See Future in Dream


ॐ विश्वमालिनी विश्वप्रकाशिनी मध्यरात्राै सत्यं [ अमुकस्य ] वद्-वद् प्रकट्य प्रकट्य श्रीं ह्रीं ह्रूं फट स्वाहा  ||


Om Vishwamalini Vishwaprakaashini Madhyaraatrou Satyam [ Amukasya ] Vad-Vad Prakatya Prakatya Shreem Hreem Hroom Fatt Swaha ||

two] Then, the practitioner has to make a paste of the following products-
Powdered Shingraf, which is referred to as Hingula or Cinnabar in the English language
Kalimirch or Pepper
Black or Blue Ink

The word – Amukasya – अमुकस्य  in the Mantra need to be replaced with the name of the practitioner.

Only the Hindi / Devanagari version of the Mantra need to be written on the piece of paper, which has to be kept beneath the pillow.

three] Then, the Mantra has to be written on a piece of white paper employing this previous. Any little pointed wooden or metal stick can be employed as the pen.

four] Then, this Mantra written piece of paper need to be nicely folded and kept beneath the pillow, when going to sleep at evening.

This is mentioned to allow the practitioner to see all the happenings that are going to take place in the future in dreams.

If the practitioner does not get good results in this “dreaming about the future Mantra Prayog” then, he need to chant the Mantra for 1 Mala for three days constantly. This process need to also be began on either a Tuesday or a Sunday.

Note- You can noticed a lot of much more such uncommon and special Mantras of all sorts to know about the Bhoot Bhavishya Vartman or Previous, Future and Present in the Future Recognizing Mantras and Tantra section of this web-site,

If any of our readers attempts this Mantra Experiment and gets to visualize future events in precognitive dreams, then they need to share their experiences for the advantage of every person.

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