Lord Shiva: The Creator of Universe


Our universe which is produced by Supreme God Shiva.

But surprisingly, it is not produced by Lord Shiva.

For the reason that they do nothing at all, Also they do every little thing!

For understanding creation of universe by God, 1st have an understanding of energy of Shiva.

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Energy and Glory of Lord Shiva and Why they are beyond the physical universe?

God Shiva has infinite energy that is beyond our considering and imagination.

They are beyond time and produced time. They are outer of dimension and they produced dimension.

They are ultimate destroyer, preserver and creator of universe, life, Laws and every little thing.

Even there is scientific proof and proof that indicate existence of Lord Shiva in surprising way.

Lord Shiva is in our universe and they are outer than our universe.

No one particular is in a position to know energy of Shiva.

They are outer of space and they produced space. Space involve pretty much every little thing that exist in visible universe.

They have all know-how about entire planet and the universe.

They are in the water but also they are not in water.

They are in fire but they are not in fire. God shiva does not have any shape. For the reason that they are “Nirakar” and formless.

They in a position to do every little thing.

They generate space in such a way that it assistance life and earth in universe. It may be not possible to picture universe with out space.

Shiva is so terrific that no one particular is in a position to describe them.

They has no colour since they produced colour. And they outer than colour.

Our universe is so major and so considerably major that how a person describe our entire universe but the God shiva is the creator of the our entire universe.

Scientific proof of God Shiva and Creation of universe

Why a person not think in the God Shiva?

Frequent misunderstanding is that the science do not think in Lord.

That incorrect.

Totally incorrect.

There is lots of proof that show the existence of the God Shiva.

Large Bang is an current discovery about creation of universe.

It is an occasion from which our entire universe seem.

Each planets, stars and even we are also come from Large bang. This occasion occur at 14 billion years ago.

Theory of it say that every little thing come out from nothing at all.

There is one particular instaneous moment of time when every little thing come out.

Even time is not exist prior to major bang!

There is nothing at all like time is exist.

Suggests that it is meaningless to say prior to and soon after.

There is no space prior to major bang occur. Suggests that no chemical reaction feasible.

No physical laws function with out space. Even all physical laws are seem soon after this supernatural occasion.


How that is feasible that some thing is appeared from nothing at all?

Not feasible.

Why Stephen Hawking incorrect about God and Universe?

Some scientists like Stephen Hawking say that it is feasible And Universe can seem with out supernatural occasion or with out Shiva.

But there is contraindication in that theory.

It say that laws make universe. Universe are element of multi universe and this multi universe create laws. From this laws, universe come out with out God.

Feel this:

It is contradicting.

With no physical laws, no multi universe and with out multi universe, no universe appearing.

Even, query is that why there may perhaps be any universe at all?

No theory or experiment can prove multi universe.

Even if multi universe exist, then also it prove energy of God Shiva and that they make one particular omniverse in which they make laws to handle multiverse and in which infinite universe appearing.

There is proof for Large Bang. The scientific proof from cosmological background radiation​show that major bang occur.

What it implies?

There ought to be existence of God Shiva.

For the reason that Lord Shiva handle universe at a cosmic level.

They even not require to do something. Every little thing is occur by just Sankalp of God.

Each physical law seem.

Power, space, quantum vacuum and all other is just by sankalp of Mahadeva.

Who is outer than universe, space and time and they generate entire universe in superb way that even scientist can not know.

Creation of universe in Shiva Purana

In the Shiva puran or Vishnu puran, There is slokas about creation of universe which is precise as the science find out in modern day days.

Which means of It that Lord Shiva is supreme, Infinite, immortal, formless, shapeless, creator of super planet with complicated mathematical laws.

God Shiva generate universe from nothing at all and they in a position to do every little thing.

It is since God Shiva is creator and they generate universe, life and human.

As they are creator of universe, they produced in such a way that there is freedom of human to select to accept and worshipping God or reject God.

If you accept God Parmeshwar and worship to them then you get unimaginable added benefits and positive aspects.

How God Shiva produced our universe?

God Shiva is creator who feel some thing that occur in entire universe and it seem and occur automatically by energy of God.

They have to even not require to feel this all universe.

For the reason that if they not feel than also by only their “sankalp” all items and universe, life and all tiny particle like electron, quarks, proton, neutron and even major galaxy also produced by this almighty Lord Shiva.

They do every little thing which we can not even picture.

All physical laws to operate universe.

They generate universe at quantum level, smaller sized than electron, proton, quarks.

Lord Shiva create time space and whole universe

They generate moon, Sun and Planets that we can see right now.

They generate universe also huge that even light take extra than 93 billion year to travel.

They make earth supportable for life by intense fine tuning.

Universe at this level show greatness of Lord Shiva and introduce their ultimate energy.


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