I Wouldn’t Have Believed Either


Mike Glenn

You never ever neglect the very first time you see a dead particular person. The unfocused eyes, the bloodless skin and the slumping frame make it clear to the even the most inexperienced observer. This is particular person is dead. No, I’m not a physician and yes, I know about all of the study on brain waves and heart beats and the difficulty the healthcare profession has in defining death. By huge, even though, we’ve completed fairly effectively more than the years in figuring out who’s dead and who’s not.

And these about Jesus would have identified He was dead as effectively. It is 1 of the factors that consistently frustrates me about our culture. Each Easter, a person will republish the old rumors that Jesus didn’t actually die, but only passed out beneath the strain of the Roman torture and crucifixion. Please! The Roman soldiers have been experienced killers. They had 1 job and their only job was to make confident Jesus was dead. Granted, they have been encouraged to make His dying as painful as probable, but in the finish, their only job was to make confident Jesus was dead.

If there had been any doubt, they would have taken the essential actions to insure Jesus was dead. They would have broken his legs to hasten his suffocation. They would have stabbed him once again. They would have completed a thing to make confident Jesus was dead.

The ladies knew Jesus was dead. That is why they came back on Sunday morning to full the funeral service. None of the ladies had any believed of seeing Jesus alive once again. That is why Joseph supplied a tomb and why the disciples all scattered. They all knew Jesus was dead.

And if I had been there, I would have identified Jesus was dead as effectively. Just like Thomas, I would have wandered off and attempted to feel about what I was going to do subsequent. I wouldn’t be pondering about seeing Jesus once again. I wouldn’t be pondering about life with Jesus. I would attempting to figure out my life Devoid of Jesus. You do not hang out with dead individuals. You have a funeral. You grieve. You move on.

Possibly Thomas didn’t have it all figured out, but he knew this a lot. Jesus was dead.

So, when the disciples told Thomas Jesus was alive, Thomas didn’t think them. Jesus was dead. I’m not confident what that says about what Thomas believed of his disciple brethren, but he didn’t think them.

I wouldn’t have believed the disciples. You wouldn’t have believed them either. Just after all, we know dead when we see it. Like absolutely everyone else, we would have identified Jesus was dead. So, like Thomas, we would have gotten on with our lives. If you can not figure out a thing, you fall back on what you know.

We do the identical factor type of factor every single day. When we are confused or uncertain, we fall back on what we feel we know. For instance, a lot of us who claim to be Christ followers are mere fans of Jesus and not followers at all. Though we claim to reside our lives primarily based on Jesus’ teachings, we do so in the shallowest of techniques. Our morality, our everyday ethics, could be founded on the effectively identified teachings of Jesus — at least superficially, but most of the time, we fully miss the heart of the Teacher.

What we do not know, or rather WHO we do not know, is Jesus. There is a lot of distinction among realizing about Jesus and realizing Jesus. There are a lot of us who know ABOUT Jesus, but do not know Him.

Baptists, for all of our failures, have constantly insisted God has no grandchildren. That is, you can not know Christ from a person else’s practical experience. Your practical experience with Christ has to be your personal.

Paul knew this. In his letter to the Corinthians, he writes:

For I passed on to you as most essential what I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the Twelve. Then he appeared to more than 5 hundred brothers and sisters at 1 time most of them are nonetheless alive, but some have fallen asleep. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles. Final of all, as to 1 born at the incorrect time, he also appeared to me

(1 Corinthians 15:three-eight, CSB).

“And final of all, hear also appeared to me…” And Jesus appeared to Peter, James, Thomas and all the rest.

And in the living area of my house in Huntsville, Alabama with my mom and dad and the pastor of my tiny church, Jesus appeared to me.

Thomas didn’t think Peter and the other disciples when they told him Jesus was alive. He had see that for himself. We all do. The practical experience has to be our personal. Just after all, God does not have any grandchildren.







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