HABITUAL?: Never Be! Here’s Why.



HABITUAL?: Do not Be! Here’s Why.                                                 Jim Gleeson 2016



      There is substantially discussion now about awakening, Spiritual development and enlightenment.


      “But,” you ask, “where do I begin?” Great query and now that we know exactly where we’re headed we can begin at the starting. Anybody who even just realizes there is someplace to go beyond the mundane material existence—even a single with relative comfort—is way ahead of most.

       The initially point that takes place is, and should be, an improved awareness of one’s habits. Why? You ask. “I like my habits!” OK. The selection is among maintaining your habits and dying with them or getting the you, you had been place right here to uncover. Completely up to you!


The vast majority of humans develop up into a life complete of habitual behaviors—behaviors that tie us to what ever version of the material planet we grew up in. This could be something from the nomadic life of a Mongolian herdsman to the “charmed existence” of European royalty. We all find out some way of dealing with the “reality” of the material planet we every single perceive. So when we commence to awaken, the initially point we begin to recognize is that our habits—our habitual thoughts and behavior—is a type of a self-fulfilling prophesy we drag about with us 24/7. When you recognize that just about anything you do or assume is reinforcing the belief in the RWOT—the “real planet out there”—you can commence to make corrections and gradually (or even immediately) see a lessening of attachment and a corresponding improve in individual energy. The only true energy comes from eternal spirit—anything else is short-term. Your planet becomes significantly less and significantly less “out there” and out of your handle and becomes extra and extra a reflection of your correct self—true you. (See our video—“TRUE YOU—Clearing the Fog that Keeps Us from God.)


      Does not absolutely everyone assume their habits are the “natural result” of becoming them? I imply i have recognized folks whose each move was habitual. Then there are a couple of “free spirits” who are recognized to sometimes or even regularly do some thing “wild and crazy.”


     But what if you, like the “successful” amongst us, do some thing seriously “strange” like drop out of college and begin a company in your parent’s garage? Possibly the initially stage of spiritual awareness is becoming capable to act on a belief in “yourself” and finish up inventing Microsoft. But in a way that is extra of a total belief in the material world—to the point you have “faith” that it will respond to your actions and give you what you want. If material accomplishment had been an indication of some type of spiritual awakening possibly so quite a few thriving actors, rock stars and politicians wouldn’t finish up broke, on drugs or behind bars. Even quite a few of the super thriving come to admit their accomplishment was a hollow, quick-term victory.


      No, spiritual awakening normally represents true alter. And it is substantially extra than “getting religion.” It should contain some understanding—knowledge of what’s behind the religion. We should be capable to speak as a single with authority, not as a scribe. If a person accepts “Jesus as their Lord and Savior,” but does not seriously recognize that they should leave behind the “old man” and find out to accept the “new man”–their underlying spiritual connection to the energy and grace of a spiritual god– they will continue to rely on their material habits. Awakening may well begin by consciously letting go of some of our worldly habits, but at some point in our new understanding the habits begin falling away like chunks of snow on your vehicle as you choose up speed—we are not even conscious they are falling away.

     But what is this new understanding. The Christ’s basic spiritual message is clearly expressed in acts 17:28:

                               In him we reside, move and have our being…


      Would you choose it mentioned “in spirit we reside,” or in “truth we reside,” or possibly “in the unified field we reside?” Does it matter? The essential point is it is true and “it” is there, now, normally, everywhere. Smart guys and ladies all through the ages have attempted to inform us what to them seemed apparent. God is infinite and eternal and so God is everywhere, normally.

    A lot of of us develop into numb to the “religious” and create it off as just “religious speak.” Possibly some thing a small extra “modern” would enable: Francis Thompson mentioned:


                   Does the fish soar to uncover the ocean, the eagle plunge to uncover the air?                                                            

        So right here we are at the crossroads, at the middle of the dividing line among secular and religious, atheist and deist, pagan and Christian, believer and scoffer. If god is so pervasive—he’s everywhere! Why cannot i see him? Why is there so substantially evil in the planet? Why is he unwilling to quit the killing? And so forth. And so forth. The answer is fairly basic.

      There is only a single trouble and a single resolution.  The resolution could be represented by the query, if god is infinite and eternal, what else could seriously exist?


       Jim Gleeson, from his upcoming book, Science, God and You—The Ancient Theory of Every thing


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