Ex girlfriend and petty revenge : relationships


G’day persons,

Posting to express some aggravation with regards to an old ex girlfriend and some antics, I’m genuinely curious to see if I’m overthinking and why it is bugging me so considerably.

Girlfriend and I split soon after six months a couple of days ago, we have been on superior terms but just headed distinctive directions in life. I got a message from her asking to come and choose up some of my plates from her spot, no challenge! Headed more than on the way to perform to see her open the door with the most significant grin I’ve noticed in all my days. Didn’t believe considerably of it till I strolled in to see her new fellow on the couch searching a touch smug. Got the plates and headed off quite damn speedy intelligent.

I was in shock afterwards, then beginning manic laughing at the obscurity of it and how I by no means believed she would pull something like that. It is hit me now in the middle of the evening at perform just how shitty that was, and now it is causing me a fair bit of grief. I’m a lot more upset than I believed I would be. Her moving on that speedily does not bug me but calling me out just to flaunt it hurts.

Is this justified or do I need to have a cup of concrete right here?

For reference, each 24 years of age.

tldr Ex girlfriend did some thing presumably low or am I getting crazy?


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