Enjoy is not opposed to worry


Some will inform you that worry is the opposite of enjoy. And in this teaching the war starts.

But enjoy has no opposite. It is entire and devoid of division. It is the field in which all type comes and goes, like the short-term, wavelike look of worry. It is the vast, inventive space in which all practical experience arises, plays for a brief whilst, and then dissolves.

Just like passing clouds could never ever taint the purity of the sky, the short-term dance of worry could never ever stain the majesty of what you are.

Although it may well seem otherwise, enjoy has no bias for the look of courage more than worry, multiplicity more than oneness, or clarity more than confusion. Each and every is an expression of enjoy, an emanation of the physique of the beloved as it tends to make its way into the planet of time and space by way of the vessel that is our consciousness.

Anything is path, like the raw, quick, somatic practical experience of worry, if it is not abandoned, rejected, and created into an enemy by way of spiritual theory. It is by way of partnership, turning toward the visitor that the pictures hidden inside it can be liberated. Not a drowning in the power, nor a fusing with it, but surrounding it with curiosity, warmth, and care.

Worry is a short-term visitor in the nervous method, longing to be identified, integrated, and metabolized in the spacious wholeness that you are. It is not an enemy to enter into imaginary spiritual battles with. Contact off the war and set aside the discomfort of a spirituality of aggression.

By pathologizing fear—concluding that its mere presence is proof that anything has gone incorrect and that you have failed—you attack your vulnerability and preserve alive the pathways of self-abandonment.

Enjoy is not opposed to worry, but wishes to embrace it, hold it close to, and present sanctuary for its essence to unfold. Enjoy would never ever turn from any of its youngsters, like the short-term, wavelike youngster of worry. 

When completely met and secure passage is supplied, worry is capable to reveal itself, like all other type, as none other than enjoy in disguise. Worry is not the opposite of enjoy, for enjoy has no opposite.

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