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Now, I add to this occasion, my personal ‘personal experiences’ that also occurred on September six and that have been so profound, that I promptly told my group about them the subsequent day. We have been all stunned and quietly excited. I’ve kept this on the down low till now, for as you will see, I really feel that by Equinox (September 22/23, 2018) we will all have higher clarity more than what has just occurred on a spiritual and cosmic level more than the previous two weeks.

My encounter – September six, 2018
It was throughout my sleeping hours, that I woke up inside my dream and became consciously conscious, that I had been transported to an insulated ‘situation area/holding area’ someplace in the US, that was in lock down and only prime level minds/intuitives have been permitted in. I knew it had some thing to do with the government, but it was also above and beyond the government at the very same time.

I was standing subsequent to a male on my left in a suit, and there have been to two other males at a handle desk to my suitable, in front of me. I was struck by how the area looked extremely austere, nearly like I was back in the 1960’s. We have been all hunting into a large glass window in front of us. It was a window into space and I knew we have been waiting for some thing to come about.

I was told that I would remain in this spot for two weeks with function to do, and that soon after this time, we would all be carried out. That two weeks will be up at the finish of this week and I should say, my life has felt altered ever due to the fact September six.

The most profound and moving encounter I had in this area, was though watching into the glass wall into space, that we started to appear into the Sun. Then in swift succession, I saw hundreds of souls, leaving the Sun and coming ‘back’ to Earth.

Yes, it felt like these souls had been on a sojourn to the Sun and that they have been returning back to Earth to continue the lives they had left off, numerous decades prior. I saw them all, in their human kind. I saw their faces and clothes and they all looked so content to be back and so changed for their experiences.

There have been females and males, young and old. It was physically overwhelming to hold the space for everybody and encounter it, at the very same time. I knew we have been welcoming them back and assisting them to assimilate – more than the subsequent two weeks.

I share this info with you now, as I really feel a powerful get in touch with to do so. For numerous weeks, I’ve felt the rise of consciousness right here on Earth and I’ve been especially vocal in speaking about it on-line and in my weekly power forecasts

In current years, I’ve had various ‘dream experiences’ like this a single that I had on September six. They have every single been a lot more ‘real and vivid’ than my waking life. They have been so profound in truth, that they have been essentially prophetic, proving accurate only days soon after the actual dream occasion occurred.

I really feel that we have had a SOLAR Occasion a homecoming, more than the previous week. Souls are gathering on Earth.

As, we head into 2020 and the galactic shift into the age of Aquarius, we’re every single getting named to help. If you notice that you are somehow seeing higher synchronicity in your life and have come to be additional psychic more than the previous two weeks, then you may possibly be tuning into this greater wave solar ‘soul’ occasion also.

I also see the timing of this occasion, as crucial with my speak and Guided Meditation encounter subsequent week in London, at ICDI 2018 ‘You Are Necessary: Our Rise into Greater Consciousness. When I devised my speak numerous months ago, I just knew that it had to be in encouragement of as numerous souls as attainable, increasing up into their roles of help right here on Earth. Possibly you will be there?

This weekend at Equinox, I really feel yet another profound life shift will take place. Let’s prepare to be released and to ‘let go’, as by no means just before.

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