Deciding upon surrender, and the nicely of the Spirit – reflection on this morning’s sermon


Deciding upon surrender, and the nicely of the Spirit – reflection on this morning’s sermon

John writes:

Thank you Ros for this great, valuable sermon. I loved it when you spoke about acknowledging and bringing to the Father the broken bits inside us, and coming, shadow side as nicely into the presence of the Good Enjoy. I guess there are two types of healing – a single is the healing of sadness and mourning on these days when we know we are loved, and know ourselves complete. But there’s also the healing of figuring out that it is OK, that I am loved in spite of my dark tendencies to pride, irritability, anger, aggravation, depression. It is not that God will like me after these points are sorted, rather than God loves me now, even although God knows these tendencies will be in me for the duration of my life on earth. That I am to some extent wounded, but that the incredibly reality of my woundedness enables me (as it does you) to bring the comfort and healing of Jesus to these who are struggling and suffering.

You know how some words ‘trigger’ us due to the fact of experiences in the previous? For me, ‘surrender’ is a single of these. I bear in mind all these sermons and books on ‘surrender, surrender, surrender’ and I attempted to surrender and had absolutely nothing left to give, and felt despair due to the fact my surrendering had not been adequate. How could I so annihilate self that Jesus would fill me?

And what did I find out?  That as our apprenticeship continues, we want to be like the master, and in reality the points that we want, we are most passionate about are the points that the master is passionate about. I discovered that ‘surrender’ is not undertaking dead holy stuff. ‘Surrender’ is getting me, my accurate beautiful self, cherished by God. And the thoughts and dreams which reside in me with joy and have a tendency towards like are God-implanted thoughts. As we ‘surrender’ so we come to be additional ourselves not much less, we come to be the folks we had been meant to be.

And so I guess surrendering is each a approach, and a selection – picking like, life, joy, hope, reconciliation, healing, rather than paying heed to the promptings of our dark side, whose presence we find out to acknowledge with a wry smile.  And so my motto for life is ‘Choose joy!’ Regardless of the darkness, joy will in the finish triumph.

But you will see why I favor to speak of ‘choosing joy’ rather than the language of ‘surrender’ – the wounds of early days have not totally healed.

I like you strategy to preaching: usually preaching can be incredibly cerebral, coming from the proper side of the brain. But it is the left side of the brain, connected with creativity and the imagination which is most in touch with the subconscious areas deep inside us, and it is there, in the nicely at the heart our identity that God meets us, and the water of life flows.  This absolutely is my encounter, but I’m conscious that God will be present in diverse methods to diverse folks. But Christian apprenticeship wants each left and proper brain considering. There is area for tips, and for theology, but these come to be dry and sterile if they are not watered by the imagination, and by the inventive presence of the Spirit.

Thanks once more, Ros, fellow apprentice in the workshop of the kingdom.


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