Dandelions are not Weeds. They Develop Bones Far better than Calcium Cleanse the Liver and Can Treat Eczema and Psoriasis


Most men and women see the widespread dandelion as an invasive and annoying tiny weed that appears to spring up out of nowhere, but did you know that dandelions are basically an outstanding organic medicine and supply of meals? Packed complete of astounding nutrients, vitamins, and earthy goodness, they are one particular of the most nutritious plants about.

Dandelions have been recorded all through history as a helpful and powerful medicine to treat psoriasis, a lot of blood problems, anemia, eczema, and depression.

They are jam-packed with Vitamins A and C, potassium, iron, fiber, calcium, zinc, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus as nicely as getting super wealthy in a lot of trace minerals such as Vitamin K and Vitamin D. Pound for pound they have additional protein than spinach!

Dandelion Well being Rewards


Dandelion can considerably help digestion and aids to balance out the very good and poor bacteria inside the stomach and the intestines and aids to stimulate the appetite.

Dandelion is also a diuretic, stimulating urine production and aids the kidneys in excreting toxic waste and excess water. It also acts as a mild laxative by softening stools, as a result aiding in constipation relief.

Protects Bones

Super wealthy in Vitamin K, dandelions can include more than 500 % of your every day suggested intake. Vitamin K is a crucial fat-soluble vitamin that is needed by our bodies for bone mineralization. Research have shown that Vitamin K is additional effective at creating and strengthening bones than calcium!

Cleanses The Liver

Dandelions raise the liver’s production of superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant that aids fight free of charge-radical harm to cells and DNA, generally which means that the aging course of action in our cells is slowed down!

Dandelion has also shown in research to help the liver function by assisting eliminate damaging toxins inside the physique and delivering an improved quantity of electrolytes.

A 2017 study identified that polysaccharides in dandelion are extremely useful to liver function.


Due to their plentiful amounts of vital fatty acids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, dandelions are in a position to decrease and handle inflammation and discomfort across a lot of regions of the physique, comparable to some damaging prescription drugs and with out the nasty side effects.


Dandelion has the possible to reduce and handle cholesterol levels as shown in a quantity of research carried out on animals.

Hight Blood Stress

Super nutritious and wealthy in fiber and potassium, dandelions have lots of potentials to assist regulate blood stress.

Immune Method

Dandelion has a constructive impact on our immune technique and immune function. It can assist fight off a lot of microbes and bacteria and can be made use of topically to treat a wide selection of skin irritations.

How To Use Dandelions

Dandelions can be eaten raw and straight from the ground right after a rapid wash or sautéed in a frying pan at house. Several men and women also make dandelion tea. The roots are typically made use of to make tea and boast the most impressive wellness advantages of the complete plant.

They include extremely higher levels of calcium, potassium and phosphorous and a lot of of the antioxidants identified in the roots can assist to inhibit the development of and induce death in cancer cells.

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