Competing Spectacles: Treasuring Christ in the Media Age


What photos must I feed my eyes? We typically leave this query unanswered — for the reason that we do not ask it. Possibly we do not want to ask it. But viral videos, digital photos, and other spectacles surround us in each and every path — competing for our time, our focus, our lust, and our income. So we let our lazy eyes feed on what ever comes our way. As a outcome, we by no means quit to look at the consequences of our visual diet regime on our habits, desires, and longings.

Journalist Tony Reinke asked these challenging inquiries himself — critiquing his personal habits — and now invites us along to see what he found as he investigated the possibilities and pitfalls of our image-centered planet. In the finish, he shares the beauty of a Higher Spectacle — capable of centering our souls, filling our hearts, and stabilizing our gaze in this age of the digital spectacle.

“In the digital age, monotony with Christ is the chief warning signal to alert us that the spectacles of this planet are suffocating our hearts from the supreme spectacle of the universe.”


  • Thirty years just after Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death, Tony Reinke’s Competing Spectacles requires the effect-evaluation of modern day media to new levels: a new height and new depth. New height, for the reason that Christ crucified, risen, and reigning is brought into the discussion as the Spectacle above all spectacles. New depth, for the reason that the concentrate is not on what is taking place to politics, but what is taking place to the human soul. The conception of this book is not cavalier it is rooted in the profound biblical tactic of sanctification by seeing (two Cor. three:18). The spectacle of Christ’s glory is “the central energy plant of Christian sanctification.” Ugly spectacles make us ugly. Lovely spectacles make us gorgeous. Reinke is a superior guide in how to deflect the damaging effects of digital photos “in anticipation of a higher Sight.”

    John Piper, Founder &amp Teacher,

  • Tony Reinke has verified to be a sensible guide for Christians by way of this era of technological whirl. Now with this accessible, sagacious book, he has completed so once more. This book shows us how to pull our eyes away from the most recent viral video or our digital avatars of self and toward the “spectacle” ahead of which we typically cringe and wince: the crucifixion of our Lord. That is the spectacle we have to have.

    Russell Moore, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

  • Tony Reinke has the prophetic knack of assisting us see the truth about ourselves and our planet. In these pages — as illuminating as they are disturbing and difficult — he stands in the tradition of the spiritual masters who have understood that the city of man’s — and woman’s — soul is typically attacked and destroyed by way of eye-gate. But Competing Spectacles not only diagnoses our distorted vision it prescribes spectacles that give us twenty-twenty spiritual vision. Vital reading.

    Sinclair Ferguson, Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary

  • Decades ago, Malcolm Muggeridge helped us notice some thing: the Bible came down to us not by way of Dead Sea Videotapes but by way of Dead Sea Scrolls. Nor could videotapes have brought us the Word. Now nowadays, with related insight, Tony Reinke assists us notice some thing: beyond the media photos every day surrounding us, tempting us, intimidating us, and defrauding us, Christ the Word welcomes us. Competing Spectacles can guide us back to reality, honesty, and calm, as we lift our eyes humbly to the Crucified One particular and pray, “Please show me your glory.”

    Ray Ortlund, Pastor, Nashville, Tennessee

  • How to navigate the Christian life in a media-saturated culture feels far more confusing than ever. Tony Reinke delivers a dose of desperately required clarity. Combining cautious study with relevant application, this book is for any one who desires to be far more discerning and critically engaged in our culture — which must be each and every Christian!

    Jaquelle Crowe


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