Yesterday a client of mine contacted me for a Reiki session appointment. She lives more than an hour away and winters are deadly in Wisconsin, so she’s been seeing locals for Reiki. Her chief complaint about them is she just knows they may perhaps have their hands on her physique intending to be channeling Reiki for her, but their minds are not in the area.

I can’t inform you how disappointed and disgusted I am to hear this. A practitioner who does this sort of issue is most likely to have been poorly educated, or just never get it at all. When we are channeling Reiki for our customers we have to have to be certainly focused on what we’re carrying out. THIS IS PARAMOUNT AND A ABSOLUTE Ought to. 

1st of all each she and I are extremely Intuitive. We’re going to know if you are not focused on the process at hand. We’re going to know that the session is inferior and we’re getting ripped off.  How? You have to focusing on what is going on in your hands, below your hands, what is going on with your client, and what you are “hearing”, “seeing”, “being aware of” and “feeling” in order to give your client the maximum encounter that they are paying you for. You can not do that if you are sitting their considering of a laundry list of stuff you are going to do just after the session, or tomorrow or the subsequent day, or the argument you just had with your kids, pal or companion, or how bored you are just sitting there with your hands on a physique.

Your job as a practitioner is to be “completely” there for your client. Again, either you had been educated improperly and this wasn’t stressed sufficient, or you happen to be just lazy and never get the significance of this. You have to have to be in a position to report back to your client what you had been experiencing in the course of the session, and what you had been conscious of they had been experiencing, and be open to any guidance you are receiving on exactly where your hands requires to be, what symbols you have to have to be applying, and so forth., and if you are an Intuitive, what sort of spiritual guidance you are getting. All of which you can’t get or do when you are checked out! 


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