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Astronaut Aura Reading

Astronaut Aura Reading. By the time you finish this comparison aura reading you just might fall in love with heroic Scott Kelly.

Astronaut Aura Reading. Scott Kelly circled Earth aboard the International Space Station. Altogether he spent 340 days in space. What do you think that did to his aura?

Let’s find out.

Imagine the courage it took. Alone for nearly a year. Alone in space!

Even better than imagining, read this. (An account in “The Atlantic.”) Another interesting account comes from “The New York Times.”

That long mission ended in 2016. One of our comparison photos shows Scott Kelly Taking a Spacewalk. 

For aura reading purposes, I copied this photo and flipped it. By try #3, the astronaut looked right side up.

You just might be able to flip it faster.

In case you’re wondering, it’s not hard to read an aura through a spacesuit. Unlike those nasty cropped photos that clients sent me, before they know better. You see, sometime you might email me a photo or two on the day of a session. Just in case it could help for an RES Energy HEALING Session or Energy READING Session.

Accordingly, here’s a word to the wise. No good for reading auras… any photo with the forehead or chin cropped off. Find a decent headshot, please. Zero amputation!

What We’ll Compare in this Astronaut Aura Reading

Granted, finding a good comparison photo took quite a lot of research. Eventually I found a photo taken more recently: February 2019.

Why choose such a recent photo for comparison? In order to find what Scott Kelly’s aura has integrated.

For today’s comparison aura reading, here’s the link to open up. Scott Kelly, Long Landed on Earth.

Like to Join Me in this Comparison Aura Reading?

To play along, might I suggest? Research these two photos before you read what follows. Thus, you won’t be influenced by what I find.

Then, how to get started? Proceed like this:

  1. Choose a set of 1-5 different chakra databanks — ones that interest you.
  2. Research all of them on Scott Kelly Taking a Spacewalk.
  3. Then research the same set of chakra databanks on Scott Kelly, Long Landed on Earth.
  4. If you like, comment below with what you find.

That simple! And tremendous fun, too.

New to Energetic Literacy?

Don’t feel left out. You can learn good skills. Once you take a bit of time to learn, you’ll keep those skills. Life skills.

Might I suggest? Until you get “Stage 3 Energetic Literacy,” don’t fudge it. For instance, a recent commenter at the blog referred to this: Reading people’s auras “on a superficial level.”

Balderdash! That’s not reading auras accurately, more like playing at it. The technical term for casual, sorta-like, wishey-hopey aura reading is Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. An indication that you have the talent to gain energetic literacy! But nowhere close to Stage 3. Sadly, Stage 1 is notoriously inaccurate. 

While I know that many people think it’s fun to play around with “doing readings,” beware! You can develop bad habits that, later, you’ll struggle to unlearn.

On the other hand, it’s never been easier to learn. This interactive online workshop can teach you. (Start with the Free Intro.) And soon you’ll be reading chakra databanks. Whichever ones you choose.

How about reading auras from regular photos? Simply take this quick, 10-lesson follow-up: Read Auras from Regular Photos.

Following that, doing a comparison aura reading is delightful. Not out-of-this-world. But helping you to live in this world.

Astronaut Aura Reading. Root Chakra Databank for Survival as a Physical Animal in Human Form

Scott Kelly Taking a Spacewalk

Symbolic Size: Mega-functioning. Out into deep space

Quality: I am an individualized intelligence. Twinkling like a star, though in my human form.

Radiating Divine love and light and power.

The body moves. It perceives. But I am far more than my physical body.

This body houses my consciousness, that’s all.

Scott Kelly, Long Landed on Earth

Symbolic Size: 14 feet. Somewhat on the small side, though within normal functioning.

Quality: Seems like Scott is locked into his body. Locked tightly. As though he never left. Only landlocked far more than ever before.

What does he crave? Security, including physical security for that animal body of his. That body feels very separate from other people’s bodies, from animals, from nature. And certainly far removed from Divine connection.

Welcome to rebirth in human form: Intensified illusions of fear, pain, anger, separation, loneliness. And, this time around, Scott lacks the graced flexibility of a baby.

Astronaut Aura Reading. Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Energy to Overcome Problems

Scott Kelly Taking a Spacewalk

Symbolic Size: Again, trillions of miles. Out into deep space.

Quality: I am an intelligence:

  • Both moving and not moving.
  • Contained within my body yet also not contained.
  • Aware of objects and jobs and problems. Yet never overshadowed by them. Nothing blocks the light of my consciousness.

Solving problems is like any other way that my intelligence flows.

For example, solving a problem is no different than wiggling my fingers or taking an extra-deep breath. Think it and do it!

Scott Kelly, Long Landed on Earth

Symbolic Size: 4 inches. Nearly shut down.

Quality: Problems feel so heavy. Earth reality, situations, objects, problems — all of it seems so heavy.

Instead of the inner lightness that this astronaut got used to while in space, wham! Human endeavors feel like the heaviest of the heavy.

Solving problems feels like mustering up the drive to move an immovable object.

Astronaut Aura Reading. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Fear 

Blog-Buddies, this chakra databank concerns personal fear. Quite a reasonable reaction to be alone in space!

Yet Scott is an experienced astronaut. In his current situation, does he feel fear?

Scott Kelly Taking a Spacewalk

Symbolic Size: Again, out into deep space.

Quality: I am my mission.

At the subconscious and energetic level of this chakra databank, guess what? Scott Kelly is one of those amazing patriots. Truly a hero.

Accepting this mission, Scott has willingly risked death to serve his country. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean fearlessness, does it? (And, granted, this is just one aura reading. Based on one photo. A photograph taken at one particular moment. And not all moments while Kelly braved space all on his own.)

Still, Blog-Buddies, I’m struck by his selflessness. Imagine such a degree of unselfishness that, in this moment, Scott has no thought of himself or his safety. Zero.

Living in space this way, he has come to identify with consciousness. Beyond that, I’m so impressed by Kelly’s sense of duty and willingness to sacrifice. As though sacrificing his life would mean nothing, so long as he furthered his mission. Because that mission for humanity matters so much more than his personal self.

Scott Kelly, Long Landed on Earth

Symbolic Size: 5 inches. Also close to shut-down.

Quality: Fear pervades Scott Kelly’s waking hours. Here we see his toughness. Because he makes himself function anyway, shoving the fear into denial.

Describing this subconscious databank — I hope you realize. That’s different from capturing what the man experiences consciously. Aura reading can’t tell me that. Energetic literacy isn’t (conscious) mind reading.

But if I were to guess, it would be that everyday life seems ultra-solid and harsh. Demanding “character.” Or whatever word Kelly uses to keep himself going. Like a cosmic Marine!

Astronaut Aura Reading. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Compassionate Awareness of His Human Life 

Scott Kelly Taking a Spacewalk

Symbolic Size: Also out into deep space.

Quality: Feeling how God loves him. God is proud of him. And God supports him.

Compared to that strong experience, of course! Everything else about Scott’s personal human life comes a far, far distant second.

Scott Kelly, Long Landed on Earth

Symbolic Size: 4 inches. Almost shut-down.

Quality: Compassion isn’t much of a value for the landed astronaut. He has landed with such a thud.

Therefore, compassion for his human life barely registers now. And why? Because he feels so cut off from the Divine. As most humans do… most of the time.

By the time of this photo, Mr. Kelly can’t even clearly remember how that connection used to feel.

Although he used to have it in space, day after day after day after semi-eternal day.

Astronaut Aura Reading. Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness 

Blog-Buddies, how is this chakra databank different from the “Handling Fear” one? That Solar Plexus Chakra Databank I’ve already read for you…?

The answer lies in understanding what collective consciousness means. (That last link will help you.) Overall, this chakra databank involves handling the fears that human beings have in common. Going with the Earth School Territory!

Scott Kelly Taking a Spacewalk

Symbolic Size: Once again, out into deep space.

Quality: All of creation is glowing serenely, in an everyday way. Opposite to psychedelic. All is glowing with the presence of God. And all of creation feels connected.

  • Both Scott himself.
  • His space suit.
  • The Space Station.
  • Any people or other creatures with individuality, like himself.
  • Even thoughts about them.

Due to that strong connection, human fears in collective consciousness don’t bind him. Perhaps, if another person were communicating with Scott… A person emanating human fears… Perhaps, then, Scott would remember the meaning of fear. But not HERE and NOW.

Scott Kelly, Long Landed on Earth

Symbolic Size: 80 feet. Somewhat over-functioning

Quality: Quite automatically, Scott Kelly identifies with human fears. As if subliminally hearing the screams and howls of collective consciousness. As if convincingly soaked into the terror illusions built into human life.

And remembering them as if he had never left… since being born on earth the first time. Even worse…  Having an adult’s highly structured consciousness makes the illusions of earth seem stronger than ever.

In Conclusion

As an astronaut, Scott Kelly’s experience is very much like that of Traditional Enlightenment. Only it’s flavored with ultimate heroism and patriotism.

Still, when returning to earth he pays a harsh price in consciousness.

Funny, since scientists talk about the “harshness of living in space.” When they measure the terrible price that Kelly has paid, guess what? I guess their measuring devices aren’t sophisticated enough to gauge what happens in consciousness.

Our bodies respond to inner tragedy, feelings of loss, personal torment. And along with all of Scott Kelly’s re-adjustment to life on earth, I wonder. Could the physical adjustment be easier than the slam-dunk he took on re-entry? Such a harsh transition for his consciousness!

Ever try a Double Stuf Oreo? Seems to me, back home away from his cosmic Home, OUCH! Since re-entry, Scott Kelly feels slammed with Double Stuff Earth Illusions. Rather than sweet, human life seems overwhelming, insecure, and harsh.

After that sweet sojourn off-planet, this comparison aura reading has shown something startling: The astronaut feels far more human-type stuckness than ever before.

What’s the closest comparison this aura reader can make? To research I’ve done on being an opioid addict.

Only Scott is healthy, of course. And his synapses etc. aren’t fried from taking drugs. What he’s got is the longing; a terrible, terrible longing.


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