(#35) Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way to Heaven! Aspect two


(#35) Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way to Heaven! Aspect two

”Jesus said…“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No a single comes to the Father except by way of me.” – John 14:six

For Christians, there is no having about the reality that this door exists and proves all the options false. Atheists are incorrect: God is true and there is a planet beyond this planet and a life just after this life. Pluralists make a grave error: There are not a number of doors top to eternal life, and not all religions go to the identical spot. And universalists lie: Not absolutely everyone dies and goes to heaven. Merely dying does not usher any individual into paradise. The choice we make in this life for or against Christ eventually determines exactly where we go at life’s finish. This assertion is non-negotiable if we are to accept Christ’s personal words, but that does not imply you are unloving or immoral for getting a Bible-believing Christian. The query is how do you convey that truth?

Rather than condemning God for generating a narrow door, we must acknowledge none of us does this for our enemies. At house we do not throw open the front door to these who have harmed us, abused us, abandoned us, betrayed us, or maligned us. We do not leave a light burning to invite them in. We in no way welcome them into our house so we can adore them and lavish goodness on them and feast with them. We are all hypocrites. God is superior than us all. God owes us practically nothing, however He has opened a door into His house.

These are difficult words, but the planet demands the truth. Our message is this: Do not complain about the door. Do not go looking for a different door. Do not attempt the thousands of doors of religion and ideology and philosophy. Do not criticize the door. Do not critique the door. Do not just stare at the door. Do not stroll away from the door. And do not spot your hand on the incorrect knob. Do not stroll by way of the incorrect belief system—that is a trap. Rather, run to Jesus! Run by way of the narrow door that He’s swung wide open to you!

In our attempts to sound a small saner and a lot more affordable to the individuals about us, Christians have a lengthy history of shooting to the stratosphere of theological detail. We lay out the cosmological argument, the ontological argument, the teleological argument, the intelligent style argument—but in the finish, individuals are no closer to Jesus. For most individuals, He may as effectively be on Pluto. 

The typical individual just demands to hear about Jesus. What ever the conversation, your aim is to turn the subject to Him. When somebody says, “There are all these other religions.” Effectively, let’s speak about Jesus. “A lot of paths lead to God.” Effectively, let’s see what Jesus believed about that. “Everyone goes to heaven.” Effectively, let’s verify with Jesus. He is the specialist on that.

The Bible is a single story about a single guy: Jesus. He is completely fascinating and entirely compelling. Even although the majority of individuals in our concentrate groups barely knew something about Him, they nevertheless liked Him. So, let’s play the only hand we’ve got. Let’s start out with Jesus. Let’s finish with Jesus. Due to the fact if individuals are going to reject some thing, it must be Jesus. If they are going to trip more than a rock, let’s clear the yard and leave them the proper a single.

As we convey this a single story about a single guy, we need to have to make positive individuals get the entire difficult truth. If we basically think in hell, in the hope of the Gospel, in the death and resurrection of Jesus, then we need to have to say that. Perhaps not all at when. But “not all at once” does not imply “never at all.” Ideal from the start out the most effective good friends of Jesus preached that “there is salvation in no a single else, for there is no other name below heaven offered amongst males by which we will have to be saved” (Acts four:12). We can do no significantly less.

Jesus stated He has been offered the duty of judging the planet (John five:19– 29). Ironically, they judged Him to be the sinner. Men and women became so furious that Jesus would judge them that they had Him arrested, unjustly attempted, and murdered. Now that Jesus has risen and ascended into heaven, we study in Revelation 20 that a single of the final events in planet history will be the return of Jesus seated upon a white throne as the judge of the living and the dead:

Then I saw a excellent white throne and him who was seated on it. From his presence earth and sky fled away, and no spot was identified for them. And I saw the dead, excellent and smaller, standing prior to the throne, and books had been opened. Then a different book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead had been judged by what was written in the books, according to what they had performed. And the sea gave up the dead who had been in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead who had been in them, and they had been judged, every a single of them, according to what they had performed. Then Death and Hades had been thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. And if anyone’s name was not identified written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:11–15)

This is difficult truth. But it is the entire truth that individuals need to have to know.

I was walking by way of an airport lately and saw a extremely elderly couple, effortlessly in their 90s. They had been shuffling along gradually, holding hands the entire way, searching extremely content with each other. Jesus desires a connection with His individuals like that—intimate, connected, step-in-step, lifelong, usually expanding. And sharing that news with our planet is something but imply. 

Some who hear that news will have an understanding of that the exclusive message of Christianity is basically a sign of God’s affection. Other individuals will not. But our job is to make absolutely everyone conscious. Salvation is a narrow door named Jesus. It is exclusive: There is a single door. But the excellent news is that it is also inclusive: All are welcome. The narrow door divides heaven and hell, and it is closing. When individuals die, the door slams shut behind them, and they will stand prior to Jesus. He is the a single who will judge them. Ideal now, He weeps, imploring them to run by faith by way of the door that He suffered, died, and rose to open. And we need to have to weep as well, so that a lot more individuals outdoors the church will see clearly that our “exclusive dogma” is an invitation for all to be incorporated in the family members of God. The choice is theirs, but you and I have to extend the invite. Who do you need to have to speak about Jesus to this week? 


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