23, it is Alive! : FAITH


Lunch time, went down, open the automobile door, saw a black man, approached him, asked him are you the pastor of this church? (Wait..what? Exactly where did that came from, this is not me at all) Black man : yes, exactly where ru from? Me : I’m from Penang but I’m functioning right here. Black Pastor : are they Christian? (He’s asking if my colleagues are Christian, standard fisher of guys hahaha, that is so us, ok we’ll be alright, similar similar right here) Me : I do not consider so, but I am Christian. Pastor : Will you come on Sunday to worship with us? Me : oh I have a church to worship often, it is in PJ, it is GA611 Bread of Life. Pastor : Come, let me show you my church. Me : ok, let me just take my automobile essential and lock the door.

He opened the door beside the door of my workplace. (Weird..lolx…normally close to to church these days) I went in, walked towards the altar, or drawn to the altar (lol, 灵恩派 would have an understanding of) oh the atmosphere, they have prayed intensely… extended story brief, I ended up sitting in a black pastor’s church, he guided me to a handful of scriptures, asked me to study out loud, preach a small about it, prayed for healing on my joints, didn’t even told him about my knee injury, squat to test my knee, testified, got healed, Praise the Lord in the church and went back to workplace with no lunch. What a bizarre encounter. &#x1f605

tldr I just spent my lunch time at a church beside my workplace, very first time there, reading scriptures out loud with a pastor, sharing my shameful history and testimony, got prayed, got healed, testified, praise and give thanks to God in his church and back to function.

Note on the emphasis of numerous occasions on “black”, I need to confess as I was normally judgmental, I have an insecure, strange worry about black folks. Guess what, God broke that insecurity, major time!

I realised, he’s just an ordinary man, just like me, who’s also serving God and like God, and God loves him the similar as He loves every person else…

I consider, perhaps … just perhaps, God is letting me encounter Romans three:23 in actual life … not virtual, not imaginary, not theoretically, not on paper in a book, but in actual, strong, touchable, physical, living proof, it is alive.. people, the word of God is alive &#x1f60a

For the credit : Church : The Redeemed Christian Church of God ( Energy Station) Pastor : Sunkanmi Elowelu


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