Watching ‘Bee Season’ Taught Me One thing Profound


It is been a rainy weekend and I loved becoming indoors, sipping piping hot chai to soothe my sore throat when watching some films on Amazon Prime. The climate modifications have added to my wellness woes and I was obtaining it complicated to breathe effectively. Armed with books to study and films to watch, I assume I managed just fine. This weekend, I was watching The Bee Season starring Richard Gere (Alert: I just adore the man!), Juliette Binoche and Flora Cross, it struck me there are subtle however profound takeaways for Indian households as well. 

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For these who have not watched “Bee Season” however, it really is about an American family members that is falling apart. Saul is a Jewish scholar who has huge dreams about coaching his daughter, Eliza by way of an ancient Jewish doctrine that can decode the mysteries of the Universe by way of the energy of words. His passion quickly turns into a complete time obsession that rips apart the fabric of his family members life. These who adore speedy films, beware! You may possibly not discover this film as well slow. But I liked it.

Even though watching the film, I was reminded of a genuine life incident and it really is nevertheless fresh in my thoughts.

A ‘problem’ kid in my son’s college flunked her exams and she has no other selection but to repeat the academic year in the identical class with kids who had been her juniors. She nevertheless has her lunch breaks with the classmates who are now 1 class ahead of her. She is unable to hang out with her juniors and they never see her as 1 of them. And when teachers attempted to sort it out, the root result in of her poor efficiency and depressed state of thoughts turned out to be the reality that her parents are divorced. 

She felt lost. But no one knew. 

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That is precisely the tragedy that unfolded in The Bee Season as well. And it holds out a huge lesson for all parents who unknowingly mess up not just their lives but that of their kids as well.

The very best aspect in The Bee Season was not the ending, but powerfully delivered in a dialogue told to the tiny girl referred to as Eliza by a hotel attendant, “Nobody’s mother ever wanted them to win anything for them.”

Even though this sounds extremely judgmental, it also shows me why so quite a few little ones are behaving ‘messed up’ these days. They have to deal with the parents who demand that they excel at each topic, bring house the very best grades and not be ‘second’ to any individual and worse, the parents hardly invest an hour with the kid to comprehend what it feels like to be in the child’s footwear!

Outcome? We generate a tech-savvy, clue significantly less generation of little ones with quick consideration span, behavioral challenges, and so on. As parents, we require to discover how to adore our little ones.

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In a current conversation I had with the parents of my son’s classmates and we had been speaking about exactly where to go for summer season vacations, I described that my son is going to Kochi, which is our house town. Their response was, “We never ever go anyplace for summer season, we keep in Delhi.” 

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I was curious to know why because they are from Punjab and their aged parents are also living there. 

Their response was, “Our son does not like our house town. He does not like to be with either set of grandparents. He hates our ancestral location. There is absolutely nothing there for him.”

So, I stated, “But his grandparents are there, suitable?”

The parent stated, “We attempt our very best to convince him but he does not like to keep with his grandparents. He finds the location and surroundings…..’rural.'”

The word ‘rural’ came out like a wound. The hurt in the eyes of the parent was evident.

Rural grandparents. Rural ancestral location. You can image it, suitable?

“So, what does he do for the duration of summer season vacations,” I asked.

“He sits in his area, does anything or the other on a pc all day and he will not step out even if we want to get his area cleaned,” his mother told me.

None of us are great. Everybody appears to be messed up in their personal worlds.

The words,  “Nobody’s mother ever wanted them to win anything for them,” are the wisest words stated ever to a kid. It hovers like a bee in my thoughts.

You want to know why?

If you are a parent really and deeply, you will comprehend.

Now, I have a query for you: Have you watched any film lately that inspired you to assume differently? 

Do speak to me about it in the comments section. I’d adore to hear from you.


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