Flat-earthers think they know precisely how the continents are configured on a flat plane. And it is rather diverse from the way international-earthers envision the continents.

Globalists have an understanding of the earth to be a sphere, of course, with the arctic to the north and the continent of Antarctica to the south. For comfort, the earth is divided into perpendicular lines of longitude (or meridians) that run north to south all about the globe. These meridians are utilised for navigation and also enable to establish time zones about the planet. Due to the fact the earth is a sphere, these meridians meet at the quite prime and at the quite bottom of the planet and are most distant from every single other at the equator, which is at the center amongst north and south.

In addition, the earth is divided by horizontal lines of latitude, which also help in navigation. The line of latitude at the center, and widest portion, of the globe is known as the equator. So half the earth is above the equator and half is under it. The circle of the equator is the biggest line of latitude, though these circles above and under it are rising smaller sized as one particular travels either north or south.

So if you spread out the whole map of the earth in order to see the whole factor at as soon as, it would appear a thing like this:

Flat-Earthers See the Earth Considerably Differently!

‘No!’ says the flat-earther. ‘This is not the way it is at all—not even close!’

Flat-earthers contend that the earth is not a sphere at all but a flat plane. Flat does not imply there are no mountains or depressions but that there is no curvature of the earth. In addition, they do not see the continents arranged as on the map above but a lot more-or-significantly less clustered collectively in the center of the earth—joined at what globalists would get in touch with the north pole, as depicted in the map under.

flat earth8

Notice that there is a red circle that runs via a quantity of nations. This is the Equator, and on either side of the Equator can be observed the circles of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. They are parallel to every single other, but they do not encircle a spherical earth.

Also notice the lines that run from the quite center of the map to the edges. These represent what we get in touch with the degrees of longitude (meridians). But, in contrast to the international map exactly where the meridians converge at the northern and southern points of the earth and are widest apart in the middle, the flat-earth meridians converge at the North Pole in the center of the map and spread apart increasingly from there by no means to re-converge at the other finish. In truth, it is at their other ends that they are most broadly separated.

This is quite vital to try to remember! Strangely, the flat earth map is pretty much identical to the United Nations logo.

flat earth9

Exactly where is the Continent of Antarctica?

It seems, at 1st, as even though the continent of Antarctica is fully missing from the flat earth map, but this is not the case. If you appear once more, you will see a though space that encircles the whole map like the continents inside it. This is Antarctica. But it is not perceived as a continent but as an ice mountain variety that surrounds the edge of the earth. It types the edge of the planet and, in portion, prevents the oceans from flowing more than the sides. So when one particular approaches what we get in touch with Antarctica they are truly believed to be approaching the ice mountain variety that circles the earth.

I obtain this truly strange to keep due to the fact ships frequently stop by Antarctica, and I assume that airplanes have flown more than primarily the whole mass, but there is no suggestion from observation that Antarctica is something other than a continent. It appears to me that the thought of an earth-encircling ice mountain variety is conveniently disproved.

The United Nations logo does not show Antarctica either but I picture it is due to the fact it is not a ‘nation’, not due to the fact it is an ice mountain variety about the planet, as no such ice mountains are depicted on the United Nations logo.

You will notice that the meridians are broadly separated as they method the edge of the flat planet. This supports the thought that the coast of Antarctica is a great deal bigger than it seems on a international map. As I described earlier, this is vital to remember—because this indicates that travel in this region (the outdoors portion of the flat earth) would take a great deal longer from meridian to meridian than in the center of the map. You can see on the flat earth map that it is uncomplicated, and fast, to travel by plane from Russia to Canada, for instance, due to the fact they are so close collectively. This is really accurate.

But the claim is that travel, say, from Australia to Argentina along the parallels would take a great deal, a great deal longer due to the fact of the way the meridians are a lot more spread out. Now it is accurate that the trip would take longer than one particular from Russia to Canada due to the fact, even on a international map, Australia and Argentina are not practically as close to the convergence of meridians to the south as Russia and Canada are to the north.

Even so, flat-earthers anticipate a a great deal longer trip across the separated meridians. Periodically, flat-earthers repeat stories excitedly that ‘confirm’ that travel via this region has taken a great deal longer than anticipated but I have by no means heard the similar from ships and planes in basic. I would count on that, if this had been accurate, we would frequently have several such reports from basic sources. So I am not convinced.

What about the Sun, Moon, Stars, and the Space System?

Flat-earthers surely have sturdy tips about these subjects, and we will speak about them subsequent time.

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