By Sra. Garcia, CCHS Spanish Teacher

The following is a message shared by Sra. Garcia for the duration of Calvin’s annual Thanksgiving preschool – 12th grade chapel.


Mr. Kok asked me to speak briefly this morning about our objective for getting right here now and the significance of providing to other individuals.  As most of you know, I am the Spanish teacher right here at Calvin and I consider that the Spanish language has a significantly much better expression for now of why God cares about this Meals Drive that we do each and every year.  As beings produced in the image of God, He actually cares about us in the depth of our getting.

Several instances as Christians we concentrate on our inner getting, but God cares about our complete individual and that is us as physical beings, as properly. Spanish has two verbs that imply, “to be”, ser and estar, a thing that we practice at length in Spanish classes.  Ser refers far more to who we actually are as individual, the character and traits that make us our personal one of a kind getting (like getting a generous and loving individual, or rather getting a selfish individual that does not care about sharing with other individuals). On the other hand, Estar refers to our physical and mental state or getting at a certain time (like if we are hungry or cold).  

It is quick to be caught up into pondering God cares far more about our ser than our estar, but the truth is that He cares deeply about each our ser and estar beings at all instances.  In John six, we study about the gathering of the five,00 at the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus asked his disciples exactly where they would come across bread for the persons and the disciples responded that it would take a complete year’s wages to invest in bread for the complete crowd.Then, Andrew suggests that there is a boy with five loaves of bread and two tiny fish, but they wondered what fantastic that would do.  As we know from obtaining study this account several instances, Jesus blessed the meals and it was multiplied sufficient to feed the complete crowd with leftovers to spare.  Jesus understood the significance of the people’s physical desires at that moment they could not say, “Está bien.” when they had been so hungry. They not only required the meals of Jesus’ teaching for their souls which addressed the ser of their getting, but they required their physical desires to be met, as well.  As we finish up our annual Meals Drive, we are following Jesus’ instance of contributing meals for the physical and present desires of other individuals significantly less fortunate than ourselves.  My prayer now for these gifts that we are providing is that Jesus will multiply them in the lives of other individuals to bless them in each the ser and estar of who they are.  

Several of you know that I grew up as a missionary kid in Panama.  To close, I’m going to inform you a brief story, associated to me by my Mom, about a single of the several instances my loved ones was in want of groceries in the lean months.  

“During our initial year in Panama we rented a property in Chame exactly where we had been in Spanish Study and close to our college base exactly where our children went to college. During these years/decades it was not uncommon for missionaries to go to the field with significantly less than 100% funding.  We had been at about 65%.  This can  be risky as we under no circumstances knew what funds would be coming in from month to month. As we studied Spanish we spent most of our day finding to know our neighbors and practicing what tiny Spanish we knew with them though finding out far more from them.  To the Panamanians we had been quite wealthy.  We had a location to reside which had a tile floor, windows and doors AND we had meals to each and every 3 instances a day. So it was not uncommon for these that visited us to ask us for some of our meals.  They specifically liked something with sugar, meat, and vegetables. They usually prefaced their request with, ” You have so significantly, you can very easily share a tiny with me.”  Which we usually did. One month our voucher/verify came in with only $30.00. It was our initial time of actually trusting the Lord to offer.  We had stashed sufficient for rent from prior months, but we did not have sufficient for groceries. We just prayed Lord let us trust you to  provide…..and he did.  It was harvest time for a lot of the gardens.  In that month these neighbors to whom I had provided meals came with yuca, name, cabbage, fruits other than the ever abundant mangos, porotos (beans) and rice. We even got a couple of chicken and some shrimp.  We did not starve physically or spiritually.  God blessed us via that with fantastic friendships that final till now.”

As a recipient of God’s blessings for my personal physical desires getting met in a time of want, I can personally attest to the significance of what we are undertaking now.