Sri Ramakrishna: Some say that God has type and is not formless. As a result they get started quarrelling. A Vaishnava quarrels with a Vedantist.

“A single can rightly speak of God only following 1 has noticed Him. He who has noticed God knows genuinely and actually that God has type and that He is formless as effectively. He has a lot of other elements that can’t be described.

“When some blind males chanced to come close to an animal that a person told them was an elephant. They have been asked what the elephant was like. The blind males started to really feel its physique. A single of them mentioned the elephant was like a pillar he had touched only its leg. One more mentioned it was like a winnowing-fan he had touched only its ear. In this way the other folks, getting touched its tail or belly, gave their unique versions of the elephant. Just so, a man who has noticed only 1 aspect of God limits God to that alone. It is his conviction that God can’t be something else.

(To the goswami) “How can you say that the only truth about God is that He has type? It is undoubtedly correct that God comes down to earth in a human type, as in the case of Krishna. And it is correct as effectively that God reveals Himself to His devotees in several types. But it, is also correct that God is formless He is the Indivisible Existence-Know-how-Bliss Absolute. He has been described in the Vedas each as formless and as endowed with type. He is also described there each as attributeless and as endowed with attributes.

Do you know what I imply? Satchidananda is like an infinite ocean. Intense cold freezes the water into ice, which floats on the ocean in blocks or several types. Likewise, by means of the cooling influence of bhakti, 1 sees types of God in the Ocean of the Absolute. These types are meant for the bhaktas, the lovers of God. But when the Sun of Know-how rises, the ice melts it becomes the similar water it was just before. Water above and water beneath, everywhere practically nothing but water. Hence a prayer in the Bhagavata says: ‘O Lord, Thou hast type, and Thou art also formless. Thou walkest just before us, O Lord, in the shape of a man once again, Thou hast been described in the Vedas as beyond words and believed.’ (Ref: BG 12.1-four)*

But you may possibly say that for particular devotees God assumes eternal types. There are areas in the ocean exactly where the ice does not melt at all. It assumes the type of quartz.”

Kedar: “It is mentioned in the Bhagavata that Vyasa asked God’s forgiveness for his 3 transgressions. He mentioned: ‘O Lord, Thou art formless, but I have believed of Thee in my meditation as endowed with type Thou art beyond speech, but I have sung Thee hymns Thou art the All-pervading Spirit, but I have produced pilgrimages to sacred areas. Be gracious, O Lord, and forgive these 3 transgressions of mine.'”

Sri Ramakrishna: “Yes, God has type and He is formless as well. Additional, He is beyond each type and formlessness. No 1 can limit Him.”

Supply: Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Bhagavad Gita on God with and with no type:

BG 12.1 Arjuna mentioned These devotees who, ever steadfast, as a result worship Thee and these also who worship the imperishable and the unmanifested which of them are much better versed in Yoga? 

BG 12.two The Blessed Lord mentioned These who meditate on Me by fixing their minds on Me with steadfast devotion (and) getting endowed with supreme faith-they are regarded as to be the most best yogis according to Me. 

BG 12.three These, even so, who meditate in each way on the Immutable, the Indefinable, the Unmanifest, which is all-pervading, incomprehensible, adjust-much less, immovable and continual.- 

BG 12.four By completely controlling all the organs and generally getting even-minded, they, engaged in the welfare of all beings, attain Me alone. 

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