Young Persons and the Hundred Pushup Challenge of Life


A handful of years ago, the “hundred pushup challenge” started to trend on line. At a time when gyms had been opening on each and every corner and roping persons into increasingly costly and complex workouts, there was a contact to the simplicity of the pushup. These who could rattle off 100 had been proving they had a strong baseline of strength, endurance, and overall health. As I study about these challenges, it occurred that I had never ever definitely completed any pushups. For some explanation, they had been not a portion of my childhood health club classes or my summertime organized sports. So I dropped to the floor and did 10 or 12 prior to collapsing in a heap. I realized I was a lengthy way from 100 and, according to that measure, a lengthy way from overall health. I decided I’d attempt once again the subsequent day to see if I could strengthen to 15 or 20.

But if you have ever attempted a challenge like this, you in all probability know what occurred. About 12 hours later I started to really feel some discomfort in my arms and chest. Twelve hours immediately after that, I could barely lift my arms, not to mention use them for pushups. It turns out that it had been a lengthy, lengthy time because I had seriously exercised these muscle tissues and they had been reacting to the extremely sudden and extremely heavy loads I had placed on them. It took 3 or 4 days for me to start to really feel improved and to be in a position to advance to 15 pushups, then 20, and ultimately 50 or 100. I had to operate the muscle tissues more than time so I could steadily strengthen their strength and endurance.

I’m positive you will breathe a sigh of relief when you study that this short article is not really about functioning out—pretty significantly the most boring subject to study about on blogs or social media. My objective in telling that story is to start to make a metaphor, a point of comparison.

I invest a fair bit of my time interacting with teens and young adults, some of whom are my young children, some of whom are pals, and some of whom are fellow church members or persons I’m mentoring. As I express interest in them, speak with them, try to speak wisdom to them, and inquire how I can pray for them, I typically hear them lament the troubles of their lives. They are overwhelmed by the responsibilities of higher college and a portion-time job. They are worried about breaking down in the face of the 3 or 4 final exams that are coming up. They have been asked to comprehensive a project on what they think about a tight deadline and can not see how they’ll ever get it completed. They really feel like they’ve been pushed to the breaking point and are close to collapse.

I appear at their lives, I hear their fears and sorrows, and I can not aid but think they are getting a small melodramatic. It is simple to laugh off their lamentations as small much more than whining. Following all, with that era of life now effectively in my rearview mirror, I know what they do not. I know that in all likelihood these higher college years are going to prove the easiest of their lives—they’ll never ever have much more free of charge time or much less duty than they do now. I know that their college years may possibly be a struggle, but that these struggles will only deepen when they are functioning complete-time and repaying student debt on an entry-level salary (although obtaining accustomed to getting married and although desperately attempting to get a infant to sleep via the evening). They’ll never ever have much more time to waste or much less individual accountability than they do proper now. I know how simple they’ve got it compared to what’s awaiting them.

But I also know that they are only just beginning out in the “hundred pushup challenge” of life. The man who can bang out 100 pushups although barely breaking a sweat may possibly appear at me straining to comprehensive 15 and have a fantastic laugh at my expense. He may possibly roll his eyes when he hears me groan about the discomfort in my arms and chest. But that does not make the strain or discomfort any much less true. To the contrary, the strain and discomfort are vital to make the strength and endurance. This may possibly not give me license to whine, but it also does not imply I can not genuinely really feel the discomfort and admit that it hurts.

And that is how I attempt to relate to young persons. I have an understanding of that so significantly of what they’re enduring now is “light and momentary” compared to what they’ll have to endure as life goes on and as their lives develop much more hard and much more complicated. But I also know I have no proper to downplay it. What they are going via is true and painful. They’re not whining, but merely grappling with the uncomfortable realization that life is hard and, as time passes, only gets much more hard. It is incorrect of me to make light of their small sorrows by comparing them to their future higher sorrows. It is proper of me to help them as they make the strength and endurance that will carry them into and via the trials to come.


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