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Wednesday Disconnect

On Easter Sunday evening, the tough drive in my ASUS laptop laptop crashed. I’ve only had the machine for two years, and am basically re-living an knowledge my youngest son had about a year ago with the exact same brand.

We will not be acquiring ASUS once again.

At this writing, there is a neighborhood repair individual who thinks he may possibly be capable to reload Windows 10. Primarily based on my son’s knowledge, I’m not optimistic. They ended up possessing to replace his entire tough drive immediately after almost a month of the machine going back and forth to various repair individuals.

To repeat anything I’ve been saying additional regularly lately, none of this technologies is definitely serving us. We are serving it. We are not much better off.

Even though it would have been attainable to do a restricted hyperlink list now on the machine I’m applying to kind this, provided the Canadian revenue tax deadline, and some uncommon challenges that and other issues have brought this year, my wife and I are in a state of close to-brokenness, and I’m not even going to attempt to start. We’re suffering from extreme burnout.

This week I only want to mention Rachel Held Evans. As I create this, she is in a medically induced coma following seizures which occured immediately after a hospitalization for an infection. Pray for Dan and the family members. A Go-Fund-Me web page has been set up to enable with their costs, and there are wellness updates at Rachel’s weblog.

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