It is exciting to appear at the globe we reside in now. It is continuously busy and never ever appears to slow down. The season of Advent is the excellent time to slow down, reflect on what God has completed the previous year and to appear to the future to see what it may perhaps hold. When I reflect on what God has completed just in the previous year, it is thoughts blowing. But when I appear to see what’s on the horizon it is breathtaking. 

When Jesus referred to as the original disciples, they dropped almost everything they had ever identified to adhere to this man who created them really feel as if almost everything in their globe came to a halt. Tiny did they know that they would finish up following him with reckless abandon. Jesus has a way of generating us reside this way, getting led by peace is not the easiest issue to do, but it is the most fulfilling. When you stroll in peace, you are walking hand in hand with Jesus, and it is rather the adventure.      

            When you let Jesus to reign in your life with his everlasting peace the mountainous struggles in front of you, look to turn into tiny bumps in the road. There is no feeling like realizing that our God has his hand of protection on us wherever we go and in each and every circumstance of our life. Just simply because we belong to Jesus does not imply the trials we have in life are not actual or that we are going to reside a discomfort-totally free life. All it suggests is that Jesus is the rock we cling to in the time of problems. When Jesus entered a predicament in the Bible, you could normally count on him to bring a peace that surpasses all understanding. And he will normally bring peace to your life as properly.

               So I’d just like to remind you to slow down and take pleasure in the blessings of the life we reside in Christ. With the globe in such chaos now it is our duty as Christians to bring peace to every person and almost everything we do. Exactly where there is darkness, let your light shine and let the peace of God flow by way of you.

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