ISIS Claims Duty for Easter Sunday Bombings in Sri Lanka


ISIS Claims Duty for Easter Sunday Bombings in Sri Lanka

The Islamic State is claiming duty for the coordinated suicide bombing attacks across the South Asian island of Sri Lanka.

According to ABC News, the terrorist group initial claimed duty for the attack by way of their Amaq news agency on Tuesday. In Arabic, the group stated that the bombers have been “among the fighters of the Islamic State.” 

According to extremist group watchdog Web site Intelligence Group, ISIS later identified the seven bombers in a formal statement.

According to ABC News, various U.S. sources briefed on the incident think that ISIS could certainly have been involved in the attack.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe also noted that the Sri Lankan government knew that there have been “foreign links” to the bombings. He stated in a press conference, “All that we knew earlier is that there have been foreign hyperlinks and that this could not have been completed just locally.” 

He continued, “There has been coaching completed and a coordination which we [have] not observed earlier.”

 According to Sri Lanka’s State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene, some officials have been created conscious that an attack could occur, but the details was only shared amongst a couple of, the Related Press reports. 

Wijewardene stated, “By now it has been established that the intelligence units have been conscious of this attack and a group of accountable persons have been informed about the impending attack. Nonetheless, this details has been circulated amongst only a couple of officials.”

Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena shared in a reside address to the nation on Tuesday that he himself was not told of the recognized intelligence about the attacks and vowed to take “stern action” against officials who failed to pass the details along.

According to the AP, Wijewardene also stated in a statement prior to parliament that the government had proof proving that the Sri Lankan bombings have been completed in retaliation of the mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand final month. No proof has been presented to show such a connection.

Ask Christian Headlines previously reported, the Easter Sunday bombings took the lives of a lot more than 300 persons and left some 500 injured. Suicide bombers attack 3 Christian churches, 3 luxury hotels and a housing complicated. On Monday, 3 a lot more undetonated bombs have been identified by authorities in a parked van outdoors of a church. The bombs exploded as police have been attempting to defuse them, CBN News reports. 

The Easter Sunday bombings mark the bloodiest conflict in Sri Lanka given that its civil war ended almost a decade ago. 

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