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EDITOR’S NOTE: This short article on “Worldview Distinctions” is the second in a four-element series to deconstruct the Western, settler-colonial worldview and to #ResurrectEloheh. 

There are glaring variations in between the worldviews of Indigenous peoples and these whose worldviews created with the influence of Western Europe. The “age of discovery” brought the Europeans to our Indigenous shores and even though quite a few of the theologians and discoverers attributed their discoveries to God, they straight away acted in the most ungodly manner. These so known as “discoveries” made not only wealth by extraction in previously co-sustained Indigenous lands, but along with the exploited slave labor and capital sources came perverted national myths and twisted theological accounts of conquest.

These myths have continued to be told time and time once again, and with every generation they are reified, constructed upon and codified into our society’s collective mythologies and memories. I am prepared to concede that Creator had a hand in the meeting of the two worlds, but I feel it has been largely misinterpreted by the Western nations and religious bodies. I feel the Europeans had been brought to our shores to listen and to study, not to teach.

The Europeans came to quite a few of our Indigenous shores at a time when their organic sources had been fading away. Their oak forests had been decimated in order to satisfy their desires for projects like castles, forts, and churches. Western Europe was experiencing severe land issues with unhealthy soil as a outcome of poor agricultural practices. Their fisheries from neighborhood bays and rivers had been becoming fished out by means of overconsumption. Fresh water was uncommon due to the fact their springs and streams had grow to be largely despoiled. Classism, brought on by feudalism (a failed method of hierarchy) was causing continual political unrest, and preserving hierarchical systems in each church and state had been a continual concern of the ruling class. Cities had been overcrowded. Waste and refuge lined the streets of European cities building unsanitary situations followed by illness.

Western Europe had grow to be a political hot zone and an ecological dead zone that was in desperate will need of a new worldview, but alternatively, they convinced themselves they only necessary new lands.

Creator is loving, merciful, and vulnerable. If God brought the Europeans to our Indigenous lands, the goal was for the Europeans to observe, listen, and study a new way of life compatible with co-sustaining the earth, God’s neighborhood of creation, and how to treat all people today with respect and dignity.

God’s goal was by no means for Europeans to rule more than Indigenous peoples nor to subjugate our lands. In my estimation, the Europeans who invaded our shores, blinded by theological hubris and greed, could not accept the mentioned terms God had in thoughts. What has been dubbed “the Columbian Exchange” was for Indigenous peoples and their lands, the starting of “the Apocalypse.”

The level of Europeans hubris was currently stacked higher by means of wrongly held theological formulas of the “Indigenous Other.” Our Indigenous people today had been observed by the Christians as lacking not only Christianity, but civilization. These wrongly held theological views are these days nonetheless persistent in the Western world’s view of us and the neighborhood of creation. To Westerners, Indigenous people today and the complete of creation continue to be viewed by means of an anthropocentric lens as “the other.”

At the time of European invasion, Indigenous peoples had been not living out a utopian vision of perfection. We, also, nonetheless had a great deal to study. But the Western worldview that was so devastating in Europe — depleting the neighborhood of creation there of its organic abundance — did not fare effectively in our lands due to the fact, unwilling to study and unwilling to adjust, they repeated the exact same blunders of the previous. 1 noted distinction these days is that due to the fact of the spread of the Western worldview, we now discover ourselves in international peril.

Indigenous peoples continue to have the options to our existing climate maladies. Indigenous peoples stay on earth, holding on to conventional land and people today know-how and the wisdom attained from millennia of trial and error. A bandage will not repair our existing crisis. Moral teaching and preaching alone will not heal us. It will take a new view of the globe to restore harmony on the earth.

The Myth of the West as savior of the globe solver of all the world’s complications, which is endemic to the Western worldview, has passed its expiration date. Maybe the most effective way to dispel a false narrative is to inform a far better, truer narrative. Who most effective to make that corrective than the Indigenous peoples of the earth who have been observing the negative narrative brought by the Europeans, and whose blunders they have noted for hundreds of years. Our Indigenous cosmologies are written in the land, and they guide us in our responsibilities toward the land and to the neighborhood of creation.

To Indigenous peoples, the complications of a Western worldview are clear and conclusive. The way of life demonstrated by Western peoples leads to alienation from the earth and from 1 yet another. It creates a false bubble known as Western civilization of which the West feels will safeguard them from calamity. This false hope is constructed on age-old philosophical concepts handed down from Greece, Rome, England and other Western civilizations. They consist of Dualism, Hierarchy, Compartmentalization, Anthropocentrism, Racism, Individualism, Competitiveness, Intolerance, Utopianism, Greed, and Handle which are now all embedded into the Western worldview.

Randy Woodley and his wife Edith are co-sustainers of Eloheh/Eagle’s Wings, www.eloheh.org in Oregon. He has written numerous books which includes Shalom and the Neighborhood of Creation: An Indigenous Vision. The Woodleys are at present campaigning to “Resurrect Eloheh” so they can obtain land in the American Southwest for the new Eloheh Farm, an Indigenous finding out center and spiritual neighborhood. Please think about supporting their efforts at www.gofundme.com/ResurrectEloheh.


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