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The year is not rather over, but it really is swiftly coming to a close. For me, November implies NaNoWriMo and writing anytime attainable, and December implies reading and Christmas and attempting to recover from the preceding sleepless month (aka: regaining my sanity).

I’ve discovered a lot about writing this year — a lot more so than any other year. I’ve discovered about the globe of publishing, the art of crafting a novel, my limits, how I operate finest, re-evaluating my WIPs and considering about my subsequent measures in this journey.

One particular of the most important lessons I discovered was through Camp NaNoWriMo back in April. My words ran dry. My inventive soul was tired, brain pushed to its max with all of my crazy ambitions. I was bored with my story, frustrated with my targets, and losing power, so I did not have substantially of a selection but to take a break. 

I wrote a post through that break: The Joy in Anxiety No cost Writing, exactly where I mentioned that I would take writing gradually till I rediscovered that passion. I am a person who is driven by conquering targets and challenges, so it felt weird to not have any of these hanging more than my head and clogging my to-do list.

It really is been 5 months considering that my writing break. Did I rediscover the enjoyment?! Did it assistance? Did it teach me something??

Properly, yes. It taught me two issues in certain.

I’ve attempted gymnastics. I’ve attempted playing the piano. I’ve attempted swimming. I’ve attempted ice skating. I’ve attempted painting. &lt– I enjoyed all of these activities for a particular quantity of time, but at some point lost interest. 

Writing is a distinctive story (I feel I just accidentally created a definitely lame pun). When I take a writing “break,” I come across myself performing some anyway just since I appreciate it so substantially. Even editing is not rather as poor as it employed to be. Now I’ve come to appreciate how I am generating my story improved and dream about it getting on the bookshelves 1 day. *satisfied sigh*

The month I took off in Might showed me how really hard it was for me to take a break.  Yes, I may well have taken a break from my story, but my writer brain is normally churning, normally considering about some future notion. 

two. I cannot quit writing since I definitely, definitely, definitely like writing.

Like I mentioned ahead of, I did not like taking a break, but it helped me rediscover the joy in writing.

Let me clarify ahead of you study into that: I by no means stopped liking writing… but I did let the anxiety and the stress to overachieve influence the enjoyment. There is magic in producing characters and worlds, and that had dwindled.

So I kept my targets smaller sized than typical, attempting to stay clear of a further burnout or possessing this grow to be a reoccurring trouble. And hey — it worked! As an alternative of attempting to finish a complete round of edits for Camp NaNoWriMo, I only went for half of my novel. I did not get as substantially completed, but I also did not finish the month hating my novel. (normally a superior factor)

I’ve completely recovered from the burnout, and goodness, I’ve realized how much I definitely loke writing. I like producing worlds. I like penning stories that can transport the reader to a further dimension. (however not actually. although that would be rather impressive if I could send readers to a warped time in space xD)

When I initially began writing I wanted to grow to be a published teen author. I nonetheless feel that would be amazing, but I also understand that my probabilities of that taking place are becoming slimmer. And I’m okay with that.

Even if I am by no means published, I will maintain writing since I appreciate it. 
I appreciate the escape, the thrill, the neighborhood about stories. God’s offered me this potential and location to spew my creativity. (and do not be concerned — even although I am content material with getting unpublished… I am nonetheless going to operate as really hard as I can to grow to be an official author. :P) 

I do not even know what my point is for this post. Writing is amazing, guys. And it really is crucial for me to maintain checking in with myself: am I writing since it really is grow to be a duty — a further job to total and wordcount to meet? Or since I really appreciate it? It really is extremely effortless to get wrapped up in the hustle.

So someday I will be seventy years old, counting down the days till NaNoWriMo, writing my 50th novel or some thing crazy like that. I will have a cupboard overflowing with an massive assortment of coffee mugs and tea cups. I will be the NaNo grandma — writing since she cannot quit. Writing since she enjoys it.

(now I am giggling more than that image. CAN YOU Picture IF THAT In fact Occurs? dude I want to be a cool writer grandma xD)

Anyway, thanks for reading my rambling post. “See” you subsequent week with allll the October highlights! (and screaming about the reality that NaNoWriMo is SO Quickly.)

katie grace

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