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My wife, Shannon, and I have dedicate all 3 of our boys following they had been born.  Though North Church does not do Infant Baptism, we do have child dedications.  On December 17th, our church will be obtaining child dedications.  If you are not familiar with child dedications, this is exactly where the parents present the youngster to the church, the church and the parents guarantee to raise the youngster to know about Jesus, and they pray for the youngster and family members.

There is not something magical about a child dedication. It does not make the youngster a Christian (only Jesus can do that).  It’s really additional for the parents and the church.  This is not to attempt to safe the youngster a spot in heaven, but it is to set in the heart of the parents and church how the youngster really should be raised. If it does not save the youngster, why really should you do a  baby dedication?

Nicely right here are the 3 factors, Shannon and I devoted our youngsters.


You see in the Old Testament that God gave Abraham a sign to show that he and his family members had been devoted to the Lord (circumcision).  As we entered the new covenant, we see that this certain symbol was accomplished away with as the sign. Baptism replaced it as the sign of somebody that has believed in Jesus for their salvation.  While some would now say that we really should now baptize infants due to the fact of this, I do not see sufficient in scripture to help baptizing youngsters (a different subject for a different time).  I see baptism regularly taking place when somebody comes to a private faith in Jesus.

What I do see continually in scripture although is parents getting devoted to raising their youngsters to know Jesus.


Exactly where we reside in Albuquerque, NM, it appears like we normally have 3 choices when it comes to the topic of dedicating your youngster –   Abandonment, Religion, or Spirituality.  The majority of youngsters in Albuquerque will develop up devoid of a dad in their home.  They will in no way know what it suggests to have the each day influence of a man in their lives.  They will develop up obtaining daddy concerns that only Jesus can save them from.  By the grace of God, my boys will not have to encounter that.

To say that Albuquerque is steeped in Catholic tradition would be an understatement.  While I think there are a lot of Catholics that like Jesus, and I’ll be hanging out in heaven with, there are a lot of Catholics in this region that really feel they have get in to heaven totally free ticket.  They will web page that they had been baptized as an infant and took their 1st holy communion at such and such an age.  Their faith is primarily based in a ceremony and not in Jesus.

If you are not abandoned or religious in ABQ, then you are left to be raised in some vague spiritual technique.  Children are raised with a mix of many religious, spiritual, and demonic rituals.  This leaves the youngster locating their righteousness in something and everything…other than Jesus.

I want my sons’ dedication to be a counter-cultural witness to the saving grace of Jesus alone.  We are devoted to Jesus alone, and we devoted them to Jesus alone.  By the grace of God, we are raising them to trust in Jesus and not religion or spirituality.

three. It is FAMILIAL

Though child dedication is about parents dedicating their youngsters, it is also about the church saying they are devoted as properly.  That they are devoted to supporting the parents in bringing their youngsters up in the name of Jesus.  The church is devoted to preaching Jesus to the youngsters.  It is about a single substantial family members getting devoted to each and every other.

Shannon and I want to make a legacy.  We want the name Qualls to lower and the name of Jesus to constantly raise. When I hear the name Graham, Wesley, Spurgeon, and Edwards, I believe of Jesus.  I want the name of Qualls to be synonymous with Jesus.  The sad factor is that it only requires a single generation for this to quit.  

As a result, it is my prayer that some day I will get to be at the child dedications of my grandchildren and terrific-grandchildren.  I pray that my boys will develop up in the church, getting loved and directed to Jesus.  

But it have to commence with us.  Please join us on December 17th, and if you have a youngster you would like to dedicate, please let us know.


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