What’s My Objective in Life?


This is a tough query to answer, specifically if we do not place goal in its rightful location. This is why it is often fuzzy when we ask ourselves or other individuals ask, ‘what’s your goal?’   

We want to know what the goal is for MY life but the challenge is that goal is a implies not a target. So we retain hunting for ‘our’ goal but under no circumstances locate it simply because we’ve focused on the end and not the implies. 

Each organization has a mission statement and a lot start off anything like this:  ‘we exist to…’.  The organization is stating that they’re right here to serve a goal, resolve a challenge or deliver depth to an location you may struggle in, but if their goal is not of advantage to other individuals, properly, they will not have a enterprise for extended.


Jesus’ Objective Statement. 

Jesus didn’t even exist for Himself when on earth.  This virtually sounds like heresy, I imply He’s Jesus for cryin’ out loud! But He was often about His Father’s enterprise and knew He was right here to serve God’s purposes. 

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” – Luke 19:10

Why could Jesus die on the cross?  Objective

Why could He place up with &amp use the disciples dysfunction &amp denial?   Objective


Objective is Highly effective!

Hero’s of the faith and all through history often lived with a goal higher than them.  This is why dad’s message was so critical this weekend. 


  • If we Realize God’s Objective then we can ACCEPT our CALLING. 
  • If we see the Large Image then we can SWING for the FENCE. 
  • If we Companion with the Holy Spirit then we can SHAKE the BRIDGE with each other. 
  • If we EMBRACE our GIFTS &amp ARENAS then we can SEIZE our DAY. 


Paul reminds us of our Objective as quickly as we turn out to be Christians.

            “We are hence Christ’s AMBASSADORS (our new goal in life!), as although God have been creating His appeal by means of us.”  –  two Corinthians five:20-21


We’re not just saved in Christ, but we are to now show Christ to this planet that God is redeeming. We’re God’s implies of displaying Christ to the planet.  Talk about possessing a goal in life!  Makes my palms sweat just typing this! 


Objective is a Suggests but to what Finish? 

Why seek and save the lost?  Why make us ambassadors?  One very simple word: Adore. We know it is Valentines Day this week and we’ll obtain some candy or go out for dinner, but the candy and dinner is implies it is not the ends. Love is the finish target of any connection and this heart comes from the heart of God.  It’s God’s heart that none ought to parish that leads to His goal.  

So have goal now understanding that we’re known as to be His light in this planet but all of this is fueled by the target of really like.  And it is God’s really like that will often give us goal in this life.  May we see clearly and really like deeply now. 


Grace &amp Peace,



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