The fantastic American playwright and Nobel laureate in literature Eugene O’Neill when stated, “WE ARE BORN BROKEN. WE Reside BY MENDING. AND THE GRACE OF GOD IS THE GLUE.” Interesting words from the son of Irish immigrants who survived the depression, battled alcoholism, and whose plays almost all involve some degree of tragedy and private pessimism. 

A recurring theme in his physique of operate would recommend that we mend by caring and sharing our talents with other folks. 

But what precisely is caring? Maybe a very good beginning point would be to recommend that it includes assisting “the other” to develop, regardless of whether the “other” is a different particular person, an concept, or, perhaps, a neighborhood. At its extremely ideal, caring is diverse from wishing properly, liking, or basically possessing an interest in what takes place to a different. It is also not an isolated feeling or a momentary partnership. Caring is a approach. It requires spot more than time. It needs and builds on such qualities as figuring out the other, mutual trust, patience, honesty, humility, hope and courage.

More than time, caring becomes a distinct way of becoming in the globe. It shapes us. It defines us. It colors every thing about us. And, not surprisingly, caring men and women are drawn into partnership with other caring men and women. Right here at Union Avenue Christian Church we have a legacy of assisting every other develop, and we develop our neighborhood by means of our caring commitment to one particular a different.

By way of CARING FOR Other individuals, we have constructed a neighborhood of care right here at Union Avenue, and that, in turn, brings grace and joy into our person lives. This “caring” is quite potent stuff, and it is a foundational characteristic of the men and women and the neighborhood of Union Avenue Christian Church. It marks us a men and women of God, and it assists us develop and be transformed.

The approach of development and transformation inherent in our neighborhood of care points to the spiritual nature of caring and sharing our talents with other folks. Caring can lead us by means of some dark nights of the soul, but it also can connect us to which means in our life in a way that would otherwise be not possible. And we require these worthy commitments for the goal of our personal wholeness, our personal inventive unfolding.  

A fantastic instance of this “creative unfolding” is our SECOND SERVINGS MINISTRY. Out of her talents for compassion and care and the need to nurture other folks by means of the sharing of dwelling-cooked meals, Michelle Mueller began a marvelous ministry named Second Servings. Second Servings is a easy, congregational-focused ministry that encourages our members and mates to cook additional meals and then package it and spot it in our freezer. Folks then are in a position to share these containers of meals with other folks who are not in a position to cook, or who are possessing some wellness concerns. We would ask that a lot more men and women of the congregation – who continue to cook – would share some of their culinary abilities by preparing meals and bring it to the church so that a lot more men and women can be fed. For a lot more details about how you can help our SECOND SERVINGS MINISTRY with your talents, please speak with Michelle Mueller and she will give you with all the details you require to get up and operating.

SECOND SERVINGS is but one particular way your gifts and talents can be employed to uphold and participate in the ministries of Union Avenue Christian Church. These ministries usually commence with the need to share talents from inside a heart for care. As you search your heart for care when contemplating “what shall we bring?” you could be shocked by exactly where the Spirit of God leads you.

This previous week you must have received a second mailing from our Stewardship Ministry Group with a lot more details about supporting the ministries of Union Avenue Christian Church in the year ahead. This year-finish-arranging, budgeting, and underwriting is vital to our ongoing ministries to serve our neighborhood each locally and globally. Please prayerfully take into consideration how you will help the ministries of Union Avenue with your time, talent, and monetary sources and strategy to join us Sunday, November four, for Commitment Sunday and All Saints Sunday.


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