What My Yoga Therapist Taught Me About My Meals Cravings


Have you ever gotten to the point exactly where you really feel helpless and hopeless about some thing in your life?

I’m going to go out on a limb right here and say “Yes” you have. If you are an HSP reading this you most most likely have felt this way in your at some point. Life can really feel a tiny jumpy and bumpy from exactly where we stand, appropriate?

Yoga And The Burden Of Chronic Discomfort

For myself, my hopeless feeling stemmed from living with chronic discomfort from an old back injury. I can preserve the discomfort at bay, for the most aspect, via yoga and exercising. But as an HSP, I am also incredibly sensitive to discomfort and I know that I really feel points incredibly intensely.

Even although I’ve lived with discomfort for years, the discomfort appears to shift and transform. It is as if I’m chasing it. Getting the overachiever that I am, I wanted to remain ahead of the discomfort. I wanted to know how to “tackle” it when it got negative.

I decided to seek support from a yoga therapist. I am a yoga teacher myself and appreciate all the practice has completed for my physique and thoughts. But I was nonetheless feeling defeated like I required a new viewpoint outdoors of myself.

Yoga, Meals Cravings And Routine

My new yoga therapist gave me workouts to do at property. Obtaining a program in spot felt great to me. Organic. As an HSP,  I thrive off of routine and like to know what to anticipate. Nonetheless, living this way is also what kept me in a rut for so extended, stuck in unnecessary discomfort due to the fact I was nervous to transform up my routine.

Performing that meant that I wasn’t genuinely listening to my physique and what it was craving. I kept attempting to get superior by carrying out the exact same old exact same old. I wanted relief but was afraid to transform in order to get there.

Whilst I loved routine, I also had to be versatile adequate to branch out and attempt some thing new in order to actually honor the requirements of my physique.
What I hadn’t connected up till this point was that just as I loved and did so nicely with a program of sorts in spot for my yoga practice, I also did my finest with a program in spot for my meals cravings.

A program that wasn’t also rigid. A program that was centered about what my physique genuinely craved.

The factor is, I steered clear of this for a extended time just after getting also rigid with meals. If I didn’t have full manage more than each aspect of my consuming, I felt overwhelmed. This unhealthy connection with meals is some thing I’ve worked really hard to change—into some thing kinder, softer, much more versatile.

So although lying in my incredibly gentle side twist 1 evening (feels wonderful on my decrease back), I realized some thing. I place two and two with each other, lastly. The way I practice yoga is the way I consume.

I had been tackling my yoga practice like I was tackling my meals cravings, and carrying out this wasn’t serving me or my physique.

Lovingly listening to my physique through yoga started to serve as a attractive instance of how I can also listen to my body’s meals cravings. I could prepare my meals ahead of time—with care and attention—all with the intention of providing my physique what it craves.

I started to ask myself inquiries like, “How do I want to really feel just after consuming meals?” and “Can I slow down, chew, and be much more present through this meal?” and “Will this meals hurt my belly me or make me really feel nourished?”

And maybe most importantly… “What meals is my physique basically craving?”

Understanding From Meals Cravings

I have a sensitive digestion and know that if I consume X (potentially dangerous trigger meals) I will most most likely really feel X (tired, bloated, cranky, and so forth).

I have a tendency to breeze via consuming, even via meals alternatives themselves, without the need of actually pausing to get present and actual what my physique is basically calling for.

My adventures in yoga therapy taught me to really feel what my physique most wanted in the present moment. My physique desires to really feel totally free and at ease. It desires to really feel peaceful. It does not want to really feel weighed down with discomfort and discomfort and tension.

My physique desires to be listened to. Deeply. On my yoga mat and in my kitchen.

So I did that.

I began to turn off the Television when I was consuming so that I could really feel when I was complete. I place my fork down when in a although through meals to support me pause and inhale oxygen, a vital element to any dish. I relaxed into the act of consuming. I chose foods that I knew would make me really feel relaxed and totally free and prepared for what ever is subsequent, alternatively of sluggish and irritated.

I didn’t want to “tackle” anything—with the discomfort that sent me off to a yoga therapist in the initially spot or with my connection with meals. When I designed a space for some thing new, I was amazed at what was feasible for me. When I got quiet adequate to listen to my physique and what it was genuinely craving—that’s when I found what actual freedom felt like.

I didn’t have a lot to do just after that. Obtaining a program in spot to rehab my physique or consume healthful meals that my physique desires are each significant. But what makes it possible for for that program to be there is my willingness to listen, like, and assistance myself.


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