What is Quantum Field Healing?


By Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

Quantum field healing is much more than a healing modality or approach.  It is a field of limitless potentiality and pure appreciate that you can invoke to fill your remedy area and uplift your client final results.  Quantum field healing is not definitely one thing that you “do”, but you can surely find out how to function with it.  It is an expression of the Chinese phrase wu wei, or “producing final results with no action”.

In my practice I use a wide variety of vibrational tools, such as Acutron, important oils, herbal therapies, electronic gem therapy, power clearing and lots of types of intuitive counseling.  Every of these can be very efficient in their personal correct.  My consumers have a tendency to open up and respond substantially much more profoundly when I carry out any of these strategies inside the elevated field of quantum field healing.

Right here are a handful of sensible examples of quantum field healing from my practice.  Just after these I will share a snippet of the science behind it.

1 of my consumers is a lady in her 30’s with a complaint of recurring anxiousness and connection troubles connected to previous experiences of kid sexual molestation.  Just after her 1st quantum field session she wrote to me describing how her emotional walls and resistance to other folks have been lessened, and she felt substantially much more relaxed and at ease inside herself and on a “high”.  A different current client is a nurse who had extreme digestive discomfort devoid of a clear healthcare causation, and was taking powerful anti-inflammatory drugs.  She noticed substantial lessening of her discomfort soon after a session that combined quantum healing with other vibrational modalities.

Now for that bit of science.

Quantum field theory is a branch of Quantum Physics.  It describes the behavior of consistently fluctuating power fields in the kind of waves that are the origin of every thing in the universe.  All the “things” that we (or our scientific instruments) can expertise such as atoms, rocks, apples, human beings or stars commence out as element of an undifferentiated quantum field.  The field “collapses” to produce a pattern of particles that turn into one particular of these issues.  When that issue ceases to be we can say that it returns to the quantum field.

So what tends to make the quantum field collapse into matter?  This is nonetheless the topic of speculation and debate in the quantum physics neighborhood, but one particular well-known belief is that it is the application of consciousness that collapses the field.  It has been established that the act of observing or measuring subatomic particles alterations their position or velocity.

To preserve this quite uncomplicated lets stick to this notion of consciousness collapsing the quantum field.  Let’s say that undifferentiated quantum fields are in a state of unity, and have not but entered into the dualities of our physical and emotional planet.  From the viewpoint of Buddhist believed a quantum field could be compared to the Void from which all issues come, and which can be knowledgeable in deep meditation.

OK, so why is this critical on a human level?  A fantastic way to comprehend this is to believe about the title of the acupuncture book All Sickness is Household Sickness, published by Diane Connolly in 1987.  That is a definitely brilliant title!  What it is saying is that feelings of separation from the sense of becoming at residence are at the root of all illness.  Feeling disconnected from our supply – or becoming in hell – are other approaches to describe that basic separation expertise.  Just after decades of functioning with consumers on the deep causative levels of their discomfort and illnesses I agree with Diane.  Feeling stuck in the dualities of connection – separation, appreciate – hate, infatuation – aversion, young – old, pleasure – discomfort sort of drives folks crazy. When we go crazy components of our bodies and power fields go out of whack and voila, discomfort or illness seems.

This is due to the fact at the deepest level of our correct selves we are not wired for separation and duality.  But we discover ourselves swimming in it most of the time.  We are wired for one particular-ness and a appreciate that transcends these pairs of opposites.  Till folks can ground themselves in that reality it is tough to totally heal.  What occurs much more of the time is that you enable give them relief for one particular challenge and one more one particular quickly pops up.

Quantum field healing puts folks back into the bodily-felt sensation of becoming at residence in one particular-ness.  This is regardless of their belief systems.  When the cells of their physique commence sensing the quantum field they can deeply loosen up and grow to be substantially much more receptive to what ever clinical approach you are undertaking with them.  They also have a tendency to spontaneously tap into higher clarity about their life circumstances connected with their discomfort or illness.  At times consumers describe becoming in an altered state in the course of sessions but I think that is their every day life that is altered, and their quantum expertise is when they commence feeling much more like themselves.

Getting a facilitator of quantum healing is much more about your personal attunement to subtle power than it is mastering one more clinical approach.  The method of becoming a quantum healer requires common meditation in the quantum field and functioning on ourselves.  There is also an element of spiritual transmission – functioning with an individual currently attuned to quantum field healing tends to spark you to “get it” and quickly discover oneself recognizing the expertise and sharing it with other folks.


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