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In our final episode, the Westside Little ones identified themselves in a foreign land in the distant previous on the shore of a massive lake.  If Willow was proper, it appeared to be about the time of Christ.  The sensible, old man who had briefly appeared to them told them the mysterious book that brought them to this time and spot was a present from Fisher’s fantastic, fantastic grandfather, nicknamed Papa Jim, who served as a missionary in the Amazon jungle lots of years ago.

As the sun was setting, a nearby boy signaled to the Westside Little ones to stick to him. But to exactly where? Was it protected?  We rejoin the Westside Little ones as they attempt to make a decision what they should really do subsequent.

Episode two: Catching Fish and Catching Males  (Luke five:three-10)

Scratching his head, as if it would aid him consider much more clearly, Fish mentioned, “I do not consider we have significantly decision but to stick to this boy.  Otherwise, we’ll just be wandering about right here hoping somebody will take pity on us and give us a no cost spot to keep with no cost meals.  That does not appear also probably, specially at this time of evening.”

“And with the garments we’re wearing, it will not be lengthy prior to persons start off asking inquiries, and they will not think our answers,” mentioned Abby.  “Somehow we require to get some garments that aid us to match in greater with these persons.”

Joey nodded in agreement.  “We require to take a possibility and see if this boy can aid us with these items.”

“Sounds very good to me, specially if he can get us some meals. I’m starving,” mentioned Max.

“Look, the boy is beginning to stroll away,” mentioned Willow.  “We greater go following him.”

The 5 Westside Little ones set off at a trot to catch up to the nearby boy hoping he, or  perhaps his family members, would be in a position to aid them with out expecting payment.

Soon after walking a brief distance along the shoreline, they entered the fringe of a modest town with dozens of modest stone and mortar properties.  The boy led the Westside Little ones to a wooden shed behind 1 of these properties.  He place his forefinger up to his lips, signaling them to enter quietly.

Speaking in a whisper, the, boy mentioned, “My name is Adriel.  The old man you have been speaking to earlier asked me to discover a spot for you to keep.  I’m afraid this is the greatest I can do for now.  You can sleep right here tonight.  There are some light blankets on the bench behind you, but you may perhaps not require them – the nights keep quite warm at this time of year.  My father is a fisherman and he gets up quite early, so he’s currently asleep. I have to inform my father about you when he wakes up in the morning, but I’m positive he’ll comprehend and want to aid you.  I’ll bring you some breakfast in the morning, but you can drink from our nicely tonight if you are thirsty, and there are some oranges in that basket in the corner.”

The Westside Little ones introduced themselves and thanked Adriel for his kindness and generosity.  Then Fish asked him the name of the massive lake they had just left.

“You truly need to be lost if you do not even know you have been on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee,” mentioned Adriel.

“Galilee,” repeated Willow, “You imply we’re in the land of Israel?”

“Yes, although most persons contact it Palestine,” mentioned Adriel.  It’s all beneath Roman rule, of course.  The Jewish persons want the Roman army to leave, but I do not consider that is going to take place anytime quickly.”

“Bummer,” mentioned Max.

“The old man also told me you are followers of Jesus and his teachings.  So is my family members.  I consider you would be interested to know that he is anticipated to be coming right here tomorrow,” mentioned Adriel.

“Jesus will be right here tomorrow?” cried Abby, as if she couldn’t think her ears. “That’s wonderful!”  All the children expressed their excitement at this news.

“Jesus is the only issue persons are speaking about,” mentioned Adriel.  “He’s been performing miracles and healing lots of persons amongst right here and Capernaum.  He has also been preaching in the synagogues.  I anticipate there will be a huge crowd following him right here.”

“That is so cool,” mentioned Joey.  

“You have strange expressions.  You need to come from quite far away certainly.  Where would that be, if I may perhaps ask?”

The children struggled to present a truthful response.  “Oh, uh” Abby hesitated, “I guess you’d say we’re gentiles from Kitsilano.”

“Kitsilano, you say?”

“Yeah, nicely it is, umm, a quite new spot, I guess you’d say,” mentioned Max haltingly.  “Probably not on your most up-to-date maps however.”

“Hmm, okay,” mentioned Adriel hunting rather confused.  “Well anyway, you can all come with me tomorrow, but initially I will have to see what I can discover to replace your strange clothes.  It will be a huge day tomorrow, so I recommend you get some sleep.”

“Thanks, Adriel,” mentioned Fish and Abby at the identical time.  They all bid Adriel a very good evening and thanked him once more for his kindness.

The Westside Little ones created the greatest of the blankets and some straw scattered on the floor to develop a rather uncomfortable sleeping surface, but they have been so exhausted from the events of the day that sleep came effortlessly.

As if they had set an alarm clock, a rooster crowed at the crack of dawn and the Westside Little ones started to stir.  It took a handful of much more crows from the noisy neighbourhood rooster, not to mention the heavenly aroma of fresh baked unleavened bread wafting toward the shed, to motivate the children to rise from their slumber.  Along with the scrumptious bread, their host brought some broiled fish and nearby fruits.

But it was not Adriel delivering breakfast it was his father, Eliab.  He was a tall, handsome man dressed in a clean white robe, which was not his usual fishing attire.  He was dressed to see Jesus.  He entered the shed wearing a broad welcoming smile, which place the children instantaneously at ease.

“I am Eliab.  You are welcome guests in my dwelling.  I have brought you some garments you can transform into.  Adriel tells me you are from far away – a spot I have never ever heard of, but it does not matter.  A follower of Jesus is like family members to us.”

“We cannot thank you sufficient,” mentioned Abby.  “We are not really positive how lengthy we’ll be right here till we go back to our parents, but we’ll attempt not to be also significantly of a burden for you.”

“After your meal, Adriel and I will take you to the shoreline exactly where we anticipate Jesus will be teaching right now.  It will be a massive gathering.  He currently has lots of nearby followers who accept his teachings, and then there are other folks who just want to see who this miracle worker is and what all the excitement is about.”

“We can hardly wait ourselves,” mentioned Joey.

“You should really be conscious, on the other hand, that you may perhaps also see some Pharisees or Sadducees who want to discredit Jesus, and they attempt to intimidate his followers.  I’ve even heard that in Nazareth, his enemies attempted to grab Jesus and throw him down a cliff, but he passed proper by way of them, and he left that city.  Following Jesus in these instances demands a robust commitment to resist the threats and accusations of these who oppose him.”

“We guarantee to be genuine cautious and hold Fisher out of problems,” mentioned Max.  The other folks laughed.

Eliab and Adriel went back inside their dwelling although the children consumed their breakfast with fantastic speed and questionable manners.  After breakfast, the children decided to have a further appear at the book that brought them right here.

Fish and Willow have been seated on the ground close to every single other with the journal in amongst them resting on its pouch.  They identified that as lengthy as all 5 of them didn’t touch it at the identical time it no longer created electrical jolts, or spinning, or the other items they had skilled the day prior to.

Fish flipped open the journal and turned to web page two.  “Look at this, you guys.  On this web page, Papa Jim drew a image of some males in a wooden boat throwing out a fishing net.”

“He also drew a bunch of persons who appear like they’re swimming in the water about the boat,” mentioned  Joey.

“Yes,” mentioned Willow, “and he wrote down the scripture from Luke five:10:

Do not be afraid, from now on you will be catching males.”

“Do you consider that has some specific significance for us?” asked Max.

“The old man mentioned this book was a present – that we’d require to rely on it in the days to come,” mentioned Willow.

“So if it does have a specific which means for us, I guess we’ll discover out quickly,” mentioned Abby.

“Here come Adriel and his dad.  I guess it is time to go and see Jesus!” mentioned Joey excitedly.

Eliab and Adriel led the Westside Little ones back to the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee exactly where the children had began out the evening prior to. They have been nevertheless some distance away from their location when they spotted a massive and developing throng of persons congregating along the shore.

“With that crowd, how will we ever get close sufficient to Jesus to hear him speak?” asked Joey.

“I have an thought,” mentioned Eliab.  “I left my boat down by the water following fishing yesterday.  We can all match in it.  We can row close to exactly where Jesus is and hopefully hear him from close to the water’s edge.”

“Great thought,” shouted Fish.  “Let’s go!”

They hurried to Eliab’s boat, pushed it into the water and have been quickly rowing up to exactly where the crowd of persons have been pressing in about Jesus to hear him teach the word of God.

“Look, there he is!  Surrounded by persons – that is basically Jesus,” mentioned Max, barely in a position to include himself.  “Can’t we get any closer?”

“I do not consider we’ll have to,” mentioned Abby.  “Look, he’s pointing to two boats at the edge of the lake, but the fishermen have gone out of them to wash their nets.”

“Now he’s finding into 1 of these boats,” observed Fish.

“Yes, I know that boat,” mentioned Eliab.  “That’s Simon Peter’s boat.”

“We’re so close to them now I can hear them speaking,” mentioned Fish.  “Jesus has just asked Simon to place out from the shore.  They’ll be virtually proper beside us. This is so fascinating.”

When the boat was a brief distance out in the water, Jesus sat down and started teaching the persons from the boat.  And when he had completed speaking, he mentioned to Simon, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

And the children could hear Simon answering, “Master, we toiled all evening and took nothing at all!  But at your word I will let down the nets.”

“Come on children,” mentioned Eliab.  “Let’s row out following them and see what occurs.”

Peter and his partners did as Jesus asked and rowed farther out into deep water and let down their nets.  And when they had completed this, they enclosed a massive quantity of fish, and their nets have been breaking.  They signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and aid them.  And they came and filled each the boats, so that they started to sink.   

But when Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees saying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.” For he and all who have been with him have been astonished at the catch of fish that they had taken, and so also have been James and John, sons of Zebedee, who have been partners with Simon.

And then Jesus mentioned to Simon, “Do not be afraid from now on you will be catching males.”

Willow named out to the other children, “Did you hear what Jesus just mentioned?  That’s the scripture we study in the journal this morning: it was speaking about what we just saw with our personal eyes!”

Even though Eliab rowed his boat back to shore, the children and Adriel watched as Simon Peter, James and John left their boats and fishing nets on the beach and followed Jesus to grow to be fishers of males.

Back at the shed, the Westside Little ones sat collectively and Willow led them in a prayer.  She thanked the Lord for enabling them to witness 1 of Jesus’ lots of miracles and seeing how it influenced Peter, James and John to leave almost everything behind in order to stick to Jesus as his disciples.  And she prayed that every single 1 of the children could apply this to their personal lives.

When Willow had completed praying, Max mentioned, “Wow, that was an remarkable encounter, but what do we do now?”

“Remember the old man told us it may perhaps be some time prior to we return dwelling,” mentioned Joey.

“Yes, and he also mentioned we’d have much more adventures, much more to study, and we’d have to rely on our faith,” mentioned Abby.

“I do not know what the subsequent step is or exactly where we’re supposed to go subsequent, but perhaps we should really do what we did final time and collect about the book,” mentioned Fish.

“Sounds very good to me, unless somebody has a greater thought,” mentioned Abby.

It seemed to be the greatest thought they could come up with, so after once more they placed the old journal amongst the 5 of them and hoped for the greatest.  

“Okay,” mentioned Fish. “Like prior to, I’ll count to 3 and we all grab on.  One … Two … 3!

The 5 children grabbed onto the book with their eyes tightly shut expecting sparks, electrical jolts, spinning and mayhem.  But nothing at all occurred.  When they opened their eyes, they have been stunned to see a further particular person sitting proper in front of them and they all jumped back in surprise.

“Homesick currently,” mentioned the old man.

“Oh, it is you once more,” mentioned Fish.

“Can you please quit undertaking that – abruptly appearing.  It freaks me out,” mentioned Willow.

“I consider it is a bit weird, but if I could quietly slip in and out like you, I’d in all probability play tricks on persons, also,” mentioned Max.

“My objective is not to play tricks, Maxwell.  I’ve come to see if you have discovered something from your encounter right now.  It is 1 issue to see or even study about 1 of Jesus’ miracles, but it is a greater issue to study from it and use it profitably in your personal life.”

Joey spoke up initially, “I consider we discovered a lot. Jesus filled Peter’s net with fish even although Peter mentioned he had caught nothing at all for the duration of all the evening prior to.  It showed me that Jesus has manage more than all the fish in the sea.”

“That’s proper, Joseph,” mentioned the old man.  “Psalms eight:six-eight says God not only has manage more than the fish of the sea but also more than all living items since he designed them all.  It reads:

You have offered him dominion more than the functions of your hands

you have place all items beneath his feet,

all sheep and oxen, and also the beasts of the field,

the birds of the heavens, and the fish of the sea,

what ever passes along the paths of the seas.”

“And also,” mentioned Abby, “I consider Jesus employed that miracle to show Peter, as nicely as James and John, who he is, and that even higher miracles would happen if they place their faith in him.”

“So, by their choice to leave almost everything behind and make the commitment to stick to Jesus, he created them fishers of males.  I consider that signifies they would aid to bring much more persons to Jesus.” added Willow.

“Yes, quite very good,” mentioned the old man.  “I want every single of you to continue to consider about these items.  Apply them to your personal lives so that you are not just hearers of the word of God, but also doers.  So when God calls upon you to serve him, consider about what you discovered right here right now.

“And now, after once more, I will leave you for a time.”

“But wait!  What do we do now?” asked Max.  “Do we have to reside in this shed for the rest of our lives?  Our parents will consider we have been kidnapped.  What about that?”

“Heavens, you ask a lot of inquiries, Maxwell Calhoun.  But to place you at ease: when you held onto the book a handful of moments ago, you didn’t know it but you moved ahead a tiny in time.  In truth, your subsequent adventure will commence tomorrow.  And when your adventures are more than and you ultimately return dwelling, you will discover that quite tiny time will have passed.  Let’s just say, your parents will not have missed you.”

“So, Abby and Willow, you can nevertheless go to the mall when we get dwelling!” joked Fish.

Absolutely everyone laughed and the old man left them once more to reappear at a later time.

The Westside Little ones just completed 1 adventure and a further 1 is coming up proper behind it. If you believed today’s adventure was fascinating, wait till you see what God does subsequent! Tune in tomorrow to discover out.


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