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The Desire Prayer, also known as David's Prayer, is a way we can give our desires over to God, become more aware of what we're looking for, and become open to the opportunities that come our way.When meeting with a spiritual director, they might ask you what it is you wish most in life. That is for the reason that our deepest, truest desires are one particular way God reaches out to us to say, “walk in this way.” Simply because of this, I suggest the Want Prayer as a spiritual practice.

The Want Prayer

The “Desire Prayer” is one particular of my favourite practices for the reason that it permits us to get our desires just before God openly, unabashedly, and with feeling. In this prayer you use all your senses to produce — in your imagination — a scene that depicts what you wish, and you pray in and via that wish.

The Origins

This sort of prayer is identified in The Isaiah Impacta book by Gregg Braden. He calls it “David’s Prayer,” named right after a Native American buddy who introduced him to the thought of surrounding your self with your deepest wish and providing it to the Creator. David took him into the drought-ridden desert Southwest to, as he place it, “pray rain.”[i] Not pray for rain, but to enter into a way of prayer which leads him to really feel, touch, taste, smell and see what he believes the land demands most — rain. And right after undertaking that, David leaves the outcome up to the Creator. Braden, a student of quantum physics, contends that aligning ourselves, in gratitude, with our deepest wish and then feeling what it is like to have the wish fulfilled, is action that catalyzes adjust in the planet.

Celtic Want Prayer

In a Celtic version of this practice, identified in Tanis Helliwell’s Take Your Soul to Operate, you do considerably the very same.[ii] And, you leave the outcome to God. Most importantly, Helliwell adds yet another vital step. Asking God how you can assist in fulfilling this wish and then watching for possibilities to do just that.

The Prayer

  • Commence by taking a couple of moments to develop into calm. Say a prayer of gratitude for all that has been, all that is, and all that will be in your life.
  • Let your heart’s deepest wish be stated just before God. Take a couple of moments in silence to see if the wish remains the very same or if you want to state it in a distinctive way.
  • Visualize your wish. Really feel it. Touch it. Taste it. Smell it. Let it develop into true to you in your imagination. Linger there and see how the scene depicting your wish develops or adjustments. Remain with this step for quite a few minutes.
  • Let go of certain outcomes. Ask that God’s wish be fulfilled in your wish, or that God will transform your wish as necessary. Notice what, if something, adjustments as a outcome of that request.
  • Ask God how you may well help in fulfilling this wish. Remain in silence as you let space for God to speak in and via your imagination.
  • Close by thanking God for this wish and for the chance to pray in and via it. Thank God for getting present in this prayer.
  • Commit a couple of moments ideal right after the prayer reflecting on how it was to pray with a wish. What shocked you? Moved you? Inspired you? What disturbed you? How did you really feel God’s presence in the midst of this prayer? Did something about your wish adjust as you prayed it?
  • In the days following this prayer, be conscious of strategies God might be providing you possibilities to reside into the wish. When they do, take prayerful action and do not neglect to thank God for the possibilities and eyes to see them.

It is straightforward to get caught up in our desires and develop into overly self-concerned. So this prayer can support us let go of our desires by handing them more than to God. Use this prayer when you have a wish that persists and feels critical. And, use this prayer to visualize and catalyze peace in the planet.

Searching for Much more?

If you like this prayer and are searching for even much more strategies to pray, you may well get pleasure from my book, “50 Approaches to Pray,” from Abingdon Press. You will discover this prayer and 49 other people to experiment with.

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[i] You can discover this fantastic story in The Isaiah Effect (3 Rivers Press, 2000) pp. 160-173.

[ii] Take Your Soul To Operate, Tanis Helliwell (Adams Media, 1999) pp. 299-300.


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