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In two Corinthians three:1-six it seems that some in the Corinthian church had been asking Paul for a letter of recommendation in order to bolster his credentials. Paul told the Corinthians that they had been his letter of recommendation given that Paul founded the church in Corinth. They had been the fruit of his ministry. As Paul defended his ministry in this way we can see two items about all ministry that we can apply to how we serve other people.

1. The Fruit of Ministry

In verses 1-three Paul described the Corinthians as a letter of recommendation. Their existence as a church was the fruit/proof of Paul’s ministry. The fruit of Paul’s ministry was men and women. Even though our ministries will never ever appear the identical as Paul’s, we as well are known as to minister or serve other people in order to support them develop to be far more like Jesus Christ. The fruit of our ministry really should be men and women as properly. Are we in search of to be made use of by God to make men and women far more like Jesus?

two. The Foundation of Ministry

In verses four-six Paul stated that the foundation or supply of his ministry was the Lord’s energy, not Paul’s. Paul was not adequate for such items, but the Lord is. We can rob God of glory in ministry in a single of two techniques: 1) by refusing to be involved in ministry at all two) by becoming involved in ministry and then taking credit for ourselves. We are known as to boldly minister to other people in reliance upon the Lord. How do we minister to other people although relying upon the Lord? We pray! Prayer is the basic way in which we rely upon the Lord’s sources and not our personal. A ministry that lacks in prayer is a ministry that seeks to be achieved devoid of the Lord’s sources. Might we all minister to a single yet another in the energy of the Holy Spirit inside us!

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-Pastor Nathan Hogan


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