This Fall is increasing your frequency…MEDITATE!


The Equinox that has occurred this previous week, has officially sealed the Cycle….

it is Fall time…


And Fall time indicates actually falling off the tree, on the ground, burying the seeds and acquiring prepared for the Winter to come. As for Winter, that will take care of the planted seeds and prepare the ideal atmosphere for the seed to germinate in the Spring, season that brings new life, new possibilities, new power, healing and options that will feed your system so you can move into the Summer season time when your flowers, fruit and all your dreams that you have been pushing really hard for, all Spring lengthy, will now totally bloom and ripen, so you love a full Power Shift, alter in Perception, and enjoying the Healing Course of action, extra or significantly less discomfort-complete.


But for now, the Fall….significantly less, Light, significantly less warmth, tougher roads ahead as the power appears to virtually move in sloooooow motion, as slow as a leaf falling off it really is branch….. 

Fall time is a time of disintegration, of falling apart, most depression symptoms, anxiousness and significantly less motivated states kick in, as there is not sufficient ”light” as we see it, to preserve us moving forward.

Fall time is when your Solar Plexus (Summer season time) tends to slow down, and makes it possible for the reduced Chakras, Sacral and Root, to be totally active (emotional method, security feelings, protection and acquiring one’s balance) those are in fact the colors of the Fall, Orange and Red, the colors of incredibly sensitive feelings (hormonal inbalances), and also the colors that off alignment (red-root) enable depressive like states to preserve you longer in bed, or just inside a space that you do not enable any connection or help from outdoors…. 

These are the occasions when, if you are not functioning to refill your reduced method battery, you danger to have a incredibly, incredibly slooooow and cooooold winter ahead, that is inside and out of your Soul…. 

Fall time is calling you closer to the Ground, and to the Grounding, it is calling you closer into Meditation and Connection to the Heart of this Planet that will prepare your grounds and will present you the required assistance to nest your Power Seeds, your Dreams, your Plans, your Projects and your Moving forward method.

Fall is a time for preparing your Energy Nest, connecting to blood lines – household – and Soul Mates, acquiring closer to your Nature and to your potential of ”togetherness”, now it is the ideal time to connect from your centre with all these about you who provide your life force in terms of human connection, who assistance your healing, who have an understanding of you and trust in your prospective of acquiring greater, moving forward, bringing it on, and healing as quite a few elements of your life as required (relationships, old restrictive belief systems, traumas, dis-eases, addictions, loss, fears, terrible habits, deconstructive believed patterns, low self esteem, or just inability to stand for oneself)….. 

It is, at occasions, incredibly challenging to step into Fall considering that it drives you deep into your low frequency power and offers you a possibility to choose, chose and detach from the dark side that does not serve you any longer, and to preserve that dark side that actually isFEEDING your seeds, maintaining your power grounded, and your shields heavy…. We usually look to chose to make a radical clearing, considering that our wings alone will be lighter into flight, but we neglect that no matter for how lengthy you ”fly” you HAVE to come down and touch the land, for you can not feed, reproduce, construct, or just humanize up in the air, …. for how lengthy does a bird fly?…..

This way Fall-ing offers you a possibility to filter, chose and recharge, it offers you a flow of energy power, that along with connection, will assistance your Path by way of this season into the subsequent. The Cycles of Life are mirrored in the Cycles of Nature, we are nothing at all but a reflection of so quite a few seasons brushing by way of and maintaining us Increasing, Evolving, Petrifying into the Evolution of this Globe. 

Join me in Meditation discover your Roots, Connect, Heal, Recharge and Prepare for Winter Rejuvenation! 




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