They Can Treat Hair Loss, Canker Sores, Bronchitis, Higher Cholesterol And Decrease Your Weight…learn all the powers of guava leaves!


The guava tree is native to South and Central America and has a tasty fruit which delivers many well being positive aspects. Guavas have lengthy been applied as a aspect of quite a few all-natural treatments and present the following positive aspects:

  • Aid you drop weight
  • Treat diabetes
  • Decrease cholesterol levels
  • Fight digestive challenges such as diarrhea and infections such as dysentery
  • Treat stomachache and meals poisoning
  • Correctly treat respiratory challenges such as bronchitis and coughs
  • Treat toothache, swollen gums and canker sores
  • Help in the remedy of prostate cancer
  • Treat male reproductive challenges
  • Help in the healing of wounds
  • Treat outer ear infections
  • Treat allergies and insect bites
  • Treat skin challenges such as acne and pimples
  • Fights hair loss and premature aging.

As you can see, the tropical fruits is really advantageous for our well being, but in addition to the fruit itself, its leaves present a variety of well being positive aspects as properly. A tea created from guava leaves can treat hair loss – just make a cup and apply it on your scalp though massaging, then rinse with water and repeat the course of action three occasions a week for ideal benefits.

To fight acne and blackheads, grind a handful of guava leaves and mix them with a bit of water, then apply the paste on the impacted locations and leave it to perform for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water in the finish and you ought to notice quick benefits. To quit the aging of your skin, you ought to apply a bit of guava leaves tea on it just about every day. This will quit the aging course of action and boost your complexion as properly.

Drinking guava leaves frequently can also treat bronchitis and coughs, though boiling a handful of the leaves with a handful of rice flour in two glasses of water and drinking the liquid twice a day can quickly treat diarrhea.

Drinking guava leaves tea just about every day for three months can decrease your higher cholesterol levels. To treat infections and speed up the healing of wounds, apply a paste of ground guava leaves and water on the impacted location. To decrease toothache and other oral challenges, you only want to chew some guava leaves.

For weight loss, you ought to drink guava leaves tea twice a day. It is straightforward to prepare it – just boil a pot of water and add five guava leaves in, then simmer the mixture for a though and leave it to cool down.

As you can see, each the fruit and its leaves are hugely advantageous for our well being, so there’s no explanation not to get started consuming it currently!



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