The Bubble Shower Meditation to Rejuvenate Oneself


Short article by Durga Pillai

I’ve often been fascinated about the air bubbles. Haven’t you played with them?

Most grown-ups come to be childlike for a couple of moments when they watch air bubbles floating in the breeze. If you observe oneself a lot more closely you will know that something and anything that connects you to your youngster ‘Self’ has a massive influence in your present-day life. It can be each liberating or threatening which depends on your childhood experiences.

The artwork ‘Love’ by Aleksander Milov, Ukraine reminds me of the bubble that we are. We break at the smallest touch simply triggered and increasingly vulnerable. The ‘Ego’ self wilfully chooses to break bonds but the ‘Inner Child’ self is unconditionally loving and compassionate. Even though the disparity amongst your ego and inner youngster is a glaringly apparent setback you are your personal healer.

How do you balance your Ego and Inner Kid?

As a healer, you are frequently evolving and transforming yourselves from time to time. Meditation is a stunning encounter of your‘Self’ by your‘Self’ for your‘Self’.

Break the bubble!

Did you know that each and every of us have unique causes that provoke anger, hurt or sadness inside us? Yes, unfavorable and good feelings are very subjective to the particular person who experiences them. Through meditation, you connect with the good deep ocean of silence inside you. You understand the Oneness of life itself.

The Bubble Shower Meditation to Rejuvenate Yourself

Image by Andre Furtado

Right here is a very simple ‘Bubble Shower’ meditation I stick to to assistance me connect to my inner youngster anytime my ego is triggered.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Breathe slow and deep to calm your thoughts and physique.
  3. Observe you. Observe anything and something you believe or really feel at this moment.
  4. Visualize oneself getting amidst a shower of rainbow-colored bubbles pouring down from the sky and the heavens above. It begins with a drizzle and gradually builds up to a heavy shower of bubbles.
  5. Bear in mind, each and every bubble is the purest kind of Divine Power. Be inventive. Think about the bubbles to be Angels, Reiki symbols or Mother Nature’s Spirit Guides.
  6. Play with the bubbles to your heart’s content material. Let them soak you with wellness and abundance. Let the bubbles sit on you and burst into a medley of colors each and every a blessing from the Divine Creator.
  7. Expertise the moment. Unwind! Embrace the divine blessings showered upon you. Really feel the bubbles touching you and popping out.
  8. Turn out to be your youngster ‘Self’ this incredibly moment. Let go and welcome ‘You’ as you are at this moment.
  9. Thank the Divine Creator, Universe, Reiki, All Divine Beings, the founder of Reiki, your Reiki teacher and oneself.

When I stand amidst the bubble shower I really feel my massive life-sized ‘ego’ bubble pop out into thin air. I’m open to getting a multitude of blessings from the Divine and Reiki. I surrender myself with a childlike enthusiasm. Gratitude!

How Bubble Shower meditation assists you?

Each time you practice Reiki you create your awareness about oneself and your atmosphere. It tunes you to listen to your correct self. A bubble shower meditation can assistance you welcome your awareness about your ‘ego’ self with unconditional adore and divine blessings from the Creator and Reiki.

Subsequent time you catch oneself acquiring angry or sad, practice the bubble shower meditation to assistance you let go of your ego and accept your personal divinity.

Might Reiki rejuvenate the planet! Want you adore and wisdom.

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Durga Pillai

Durga Pillai

Durga Pillai is a writer, Reiki healer, and spiritual seeker. She channels Reiki Distance Healing and presently lives in a beach town in the southernmost portion of India. She enjoys alone time, music and books when charms her luck with candle generating, quilling and something that awakens the creator inside. She believes in spreading light, adore, and spirituality to children and girls in the remote components of the planet. Adhere to her right here:


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